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Sunday, September 29, 2013

My thoughts on Guild Wars 2 A Year Later: Pretty Much The Same.

I gave Guild Wars 2 another shot yesterday cause its free for a week, I played it for about 9 hours.
Questing was questing. Good at first but after 50 quests I had enough of that grind. Im not the type who enjoys questing till I hit max level.
So i turned to another big feature of the game (One i played a lot of in the beta) World vs. World and its fun when you are with a group of people and not laggy as all hell (Which should have been fixed by now) but if you die you get to walk all the way back to the fight (sometimes up to a 30 minute walk) only to either die again right away or find out the fight ended when you were gone and early on you die a lot. Nothing has been changed in almost a year on that front which saddened me because its a feature I would love other games to have and I know can work.
The whole game feels like a grind fest and I like that with some games however there has to be a reason for it like raiding or the map system in PoE. GW2's end game is PvP which would be fine if it didn't feel tedious at the best of times.

I didn't like the game a year ago the same reason's, was hoping thing's had gotten better.
I can't bring myself to log on again even though its free till the 3rd. If it went Free 2 play I would maybe feel different and be a little more open to its faults but I cant recommend paying for it.

This isn't a I hate cause I play Warcraft! post. Actually I recently started playing Rift after disliking it in the beginning. I think its pretty good now. It has come a long way since release.
GW2 not so much. Thats why i say i cant recommend it when there are better completely free mmo's on the market.