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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Patch 5.4 Change to RPPM Mechanics

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) There are some further changes to the RPPM system in development that we'd like to share with you. As you know, RPPM is something we've been doing a lot of iteration on, and we have another iteration that should be hitting the PTR soon:

As you may know, RPPM proc rates typically scale with haste. This was done because historically, attacking faster meant you had more chances to proc something, so got more procs, and we wanted to preserve that effect. However, most procs before RPPM were such that either their effect didn't also scale with haste, or their proc rate was predominantly limited by an ICD. Many of our RPPM effects thus far have had neither of these limitations, such that they effectively 'double-dipped' on haste, benefiting twice from it. In some extreme cases, the proc was designed such that they actually triple-dipped.

As RPPM effects have become more wide-spread and more impactful, this has caused a variety of problems. Primarily, it has skewed stat balances toward haste rather significantly. It's also a compounding problem where many of these procs stack multiplicatively with each other, causing insane burst when all of these procs go off together. That can be fun, but also raises the skill cap on your performance, and makes gearing choices more restricted to ones which stack together optimally.

For 5.4 we're going to change both new and existing RPPM procs to not double-dip on haste. Benefiting once from haste is fine and expected, but not twice. For example, suppose you have two hypothetical procs, Flamekissed and Villainy:
  • Flamekissed's proc rate scales with haste, and its effect says "Chance on hit: Deal 500 additional fire damage". This is fine, because only the proc rate scales with haste; the effect doesn't.
  • Villainy's proc rate also scales with haste, and its effect says "Chance on hit: +5000 Agility for 20sec." This is not fine, because both the proc rate and the proc effect scale with haste. The more haste you have, the more attacks you do in that 20sec period which benefit from the increased Agility.

If both the rate and effect of a proc scale with haste, we're going to remove the haste scaling from its proc rate. In these cases, we'll compensate for an expected amount of haste by increasing the base proc rate. For any procs whose effect does not scale with haste, their proc rate will continue to scale with haste as before. However, we're also revisiting the proc rate tuning on all existing procs that were made overbudget due to the addition of Unlucky Streak Prevention (which ends up increasing effective proc rate by 9%). These changes should bring RPPM procs back to being on-budget and tied with traditional ICD procs in value.

This will obviously have a noticeable effect on most players performance; don't panic. We're going to be adjusting damage/healing/tanking performance with these changes in mind.

These RPPM changes should make it to PTR soon, and you'll be able to find the exact changes to each such effect there. We now show RPPM proc rates in the tooltip of the effect, which should make it easy to find.

Healer stuff ptr Build 17260 - New Healer RPPM Proc Times.

I know this was from yesterdays Build #17260 but i didn't get to see or check certain things out on the ptr till this morning.

Item - Druid T16 Restoration 4P Bonus (Old version -Casting Ironbark grants you Spark of Life, causing all cast time spells within the next 15 sec to grant a Living Seed on the target for 80% of the amount healed.) New version - Targets of your Wild Growth spell are instantly healed for [ 25% of Spell Power ].

It scales with crit and naturalist but not mastery.

Holy pally buffs:
Eternal Flame additional healing increased by 40%. They made Sacred Shield have 3 charges and cast-able on three targets at once. No one would have taken EF if they didn't buff it a little. Still not as good as old EF.

Holy Insight now increases the effectiveness of your Word of Glory, Eternal Flame and Light of Dawn by 50%, up from 35%. Because 5.4 is the aoe healing patch.
Also why Healing Rain for shammys was doubled: Purification now also increases the healing done by your Healing Rain by an additional 100% up from 50%
 Major Glyphs Glyph of Healing Storm no longer increases the healing of Healing Rain.

RPPM Change:                        

                                                   Courageous Primal Diamond

                                                  NEW                     OLD
                                                    1.4                       1.61

                                                   Horridons Last Gasp 

                                                 NEW                      OLD
                                                  0.96                       1.05

                                                Stolen Relic of Zuldazar

                                                 NEW                     OLD
                                                  2.89                      3.15

                                            Inscribed Bag of Hydra-Spawn

                                                 NEW                   OLD
                                                  1.64                    1.79

                                              Lightning Imbued Chalice

                                                NEW                   OLD
                                                 5.78                     6.3
              Jade Spirit
and Windsong are both 2.2 RPPM instead of 2 RPPM
          Discription of the new RPPM mechanics and the reasoning for the change