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Game of the Year 2013

Bahska's pick for GotY


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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Bahska's 2013 Game of the Year + Honorable Mentions

However I do have a honorable mention list my best game of 2013 choice is Path of Exile from Grinding Gear games, not only is it my Game of the Year it could be the best game I have ever played pushing both Disgaea: Hour of Darkness (PSP version) and Warcraft out of that spot.
Path of Exile is a dungeon crawler like no other. Sure you can make comparisons to Diablo 2 and rightfully so, it barrows a lot from that game however it also has its own original concepts like the massive 200+ node passive skill tree, skill gems with a unique gem slot and linking system that allows you to link support gems to skill gems, leagues with specific mods that last anywhere from 12 minutes to a month and its unique map end game system that set it apart from its competition.

Not only does it have original concepts that are as deep as your imagination. It handles quite well to. No frame drops despite having upwards of 100 enemy's on screen at any given time.

All this from a company that has never made a game before, from a part of the world where gaming is just now becoming a big part of there economy. Grinding Gear Games a company that may have the best CM's out of any company I have ever come into contact with. They truly listen to there fan base. One example of this is when the game was going into open beta GGG wanted to sell weapon art as a Micro-transaction (More on that later) and the concept was dreadful. You would buy one for a cheap price, use it,
and say you  upgrade a sword now you need to re purchase the art....
Needless to say that didn't go over well an GGG listened, within a few hours and some store maintenance that concept was totally changed for the better.

Now you might be asking Micro-transactions? Yes this game is free 2 play however the only thing that has any impact on the game itself are character slots and stash slots, not bad considering you already get a fairly generous amount of slots and space from the base game.
GGG have made it clear they will never be a pay 2 win game nor will they ever sell things like boosts as that would kill the competitive things like race events they offer. How can they make money you ask? When you listen to what your fans want people will donate butt loads of money as long as you deliver on promises made. GGG have delivered more than I ever thought possible since i started testing this game 3 years ago in its Alpha build an people have donated butt loads of money.

The only issue is it's netcode stutters sometimes specifically with fast mobs or skills like Cyclone. This is called desync where the server is either ahead or behind what you see on screen and has caused many many deaths.
But this has been put on the promise list and I have no doubt that this issue will be fixed.

Not only is Path of Exile original, fun to play and completely free. This game has more features than I can list or even dream of fitting in my Game of the year article and they continue to add more content every two weeks like this upcoming patch do out very soon.

Path of Exile has made such a splash this year that even Blizzard Entertainment have incorporated a unique concept of GGG's into its upcoming xpac Reaper Of Souls. Make "A" legendary with the devs. One legendary, however in Path of Exile anyone who can afford it can make a legendary (Or Unique in PoE's case) Its such a unique concept and helps players feel like they are part of the games creation it's a no brainier for Blizzard and im not shocked by any means that Blizzard chose to use the idea as well.

The hardcore dungeon crawler genre isn't for everyone but if you enjoyed Diablo 2 but felt Diablo 3 was lacking and want something else to quench the thirst I highly recommend this title however be prepared to have many many weeks if not months of time sucked away from you like it has from me that's why this is hands down my favorite game of 2013.

Honorable mentions:
1. Beyond: Two souls Breath taking story Fairly unique concept with very little flaws.
2. Papers Please Very unique concept
3. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Very good CCG with some unique twists thats both deep and easy to pick up an play without a terrible F2P system unlike other CCG's on the market today. A game that so many people said would be garbage than it hit beta and people paid outrages prices on the blackmarket to experience the fun for themselves..