Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New Resto Druid stat priority for haste/Mastery Builds

Spirit (until regen feels comfortable) > Haste (to 13163) > Mastery > Intellect > Crit
You will likely be gemming straight haste or int/haste at the least.
Haste builds are statistically the best however mastery builds are very close behind.

Heroic 5.4 gear -

Mastery builds are a bit confusing to.

             Spirit (until regen feels comfortable) > Mastery > Intellect > Haste (3043) > crit

Mastery build gemming is very different now. red = Int/mastery yellow = straight mastery blue = spirit/mastery
If the red socket's bonus is just ok you could go with straight mastery.
There was some of that in 5.2/3 but now you'll wanna drop all straight int gems. Secondary stats are just to strong and remember mastery is basically Intellect for resto druids.

Mastery build 5.4 gear -


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