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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Healer stuff ptr Build 17260 - New Healer RPPM Proc Times.

I know this was from yesterdays Build #17260 but i didn't get to see or check certain things out on the ptr till this morning.

Item - Druid T16 Restoration 4P Bonus (Old version -Casting Ironbark grants you Spark of Life, causing all cast time spells within the next 15 sec to grant a Living Seed on the target for 80% of the amount healed.) New version - Targets of your Wild Growth spell are instantly healed for [ 25% of Spell Power ].

It scales with crit and naturalist but not mastery.

Holy pally buffs:
Eternal Flame additional healing increased by 40%. They made Sacred Shield have 3 charges and cast-able on three targets at once. No one would have taken EF if they didn't buff it a little. Still not as good as old EF.

Holy Insight now increases the effectiveness of your Word of Glory, Eternal Flame and Light of Dawn by 50%, up from 35%. Because 5.4 is the aoe healing patch.
Also why Healing Rain for shammys was doubled: Purification now also increases the healing done by your Healing Rain by an additional 100% up from 50%
 Major Glyphs Glyph of Healing Storm no longer increases the healing of Healing Rain.

RPPM Change:                        

                                                   Courageous Primal Diamond

                                                  NEW                     OLD
                                                    1.4                       1.61

                                                   Horridons Last Gasp 

                                                 NEW                      OLD
                                                  0.96                       1.05

                                                Stolen Relic of Zuldazar

                                                 NEW                     OLD
                                                  2.89                      3.15

                                            Inscribed Bag of Hydra-Spawn

                                                 NEW                   OLD
                                                  1.64                    1.79

                                              Lightning Imbued Chalice

                                                NEW                   OLD
                                                 5.78                     6.3
              Jade Spirit
and Windsong are both 2.2 RPPM instead of 2 RPPM
          Discription of the new RPPM mechanics and the reasoning for the change


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