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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Worst article i have read today...

I know its a opinion piece but um...WoW isn't Guild Wars 2 guys. I dont wanna play games to play dress up.

My point is wow has never been about skill, you take away the gear grind blizzard might as well just close down the game. Yes there are skilled players but the whole game pvp and pve are based on that gear grind an has been this way for 8 years.

If they had done this in the beginning....
first: I dont think wow would be nearly as popular as it is .
second: Not having that gear grind takes away a lot of motivation and incentive to keep players playing. I know for me if there were no way to make my toon better overtime besides leveling i would likely not stick with it.
Third: That gear grind is there to help not so good players get through content. People have to understand as much as you may want it to be WoW is and never has been a hardcore players game.

It's just a really bad article for the front page despite it being a opinion. It reads like a forum post. An my reply likely does to because it's barely worth replying to. Though it is a catchy topic just wish they had presented it better instead of sounding like a forum troll/


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