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Friday, April 12, 2013

400% mana - 300% mana just a tooltip fix says Ghost Crawler

I don't know for sure thats its a tooltip fix but we wont know for sure till the ptr comes back up in a few hours however i'll explain what i think this change means.

I think They have increased base mana for hybrids only thus increasing mana for non caster hybrids such as feral and then decreased those talents to compensate.
What that basically does is give feral more mana so they dont oom in a cast or to while leaving healers at 300k mana. (also slightly buffing innervate for ferals) A quality of life type change.

Like i said PTR should be back up soonish and i'll edit this post after i take a look

EDIT: No changes that i could see at all.
I'm not sure where that extra 60k mana comes from now as the math no longer pans out but hey, we still have 300k mana in 5.3 so im not complaining.


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