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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Worst article i have read today...

I know its a opinion piece but um...WoW isn't Guild Wars 2 guys. I dont wanna play games to play dress up.

My point is wow has never been about skill, you take away the gear grind blizzard might as well just close down the game. Yes there are skilled players but the whole game pvp and pve are based on that gear grind an has been this way for 8 years.

If they had done this in the beginning....
first: I dont think wow would be nearly as popular as it is .
second: Not having that gear grind takes away a lot of motivation and incentive to keep players playing. I know for me if there were no way to make my toon better overtime besides leveling i would likely not stick with it.
Third: That gear grind is there to help not so good players get through content. People have to understand as much as you may want it to be WoW is and never has been a hardcore players game.

It's just a really bad article for the front page despite it being a opinion. It reads like a forum post. An my reply likely does to because it's barely worth replying to. Though it is a catchy topic just wish they had presented it better instead of sounding like a forum troll/

Gahz'rooki's Summoning Stone Pet Preview

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Another quick example of why Sites like Ask Mr. Robot can be less than useful.

     I dislike not just Ask Mr. Robot but any website where you rely on it to tell you how to gear your character. Though my example is for Ask Mr. Robot cause who knows how long this has been broken. I tried to use it 5 years ago with some whacky results.

There internal default stat weights are set really high so no matter what you put into it, The script will tell you to reforge, gem, enchant spirit. (even the +80 stats for the +spirit chest enchant) even if you change the stat weights. Trading 900 int for 1800 spirit is probably not the best choice. 
(This was recently pointed out by Hamlet from Elitist jerks though like i said im pretty sure this has been a issue for years)
My mods Using Ask Mr. Robot
Sure the normal person would see that and probably close the website but for a newbie that had that site recommended to them.... If you see some resto druids running around with pure spirit you'll know why.

Better off doing the small amount of math on your own in my opinion and why i would rather show someone how to do the math on there own then recommend a website or addon.
Ask Mr. Robot tells me to reforge 1468 Intellect (my best stat) for 3127 spirit (A stat the is pretty close to useless for me currently)
Now this may have been fixed by now but, why risk it? The risk outweighs the convenience especially as a resto druid.

If you know your haste break point (3043) and that Intellect > spirit till you are comfortable > mastery > crit > more haste > more spirit
It's fairly easy to see that you want Intellect for sure. Spirit quickly becomes pointless to gem for as gear in late T14 - T15 is sufficient enough (especially with the legendary meta which we will get into in a future post) after the haste BP which again gear will normally be enough you stack mastery.

Its not to hard right?

I will say that this is for 10 mans, 25 mans are slightly different however the same concept remains the same. You will likely reforge/gem more spirit in 25 man.

A quick review of how to think when reforging/gemming on your own.
  • Intelect rules all: If say you have a blue gem slot go for Intellect spirit or spirit mastery (Mastery is almost 1:1 intellect)
  • Yellow gems: If you have the gear for 3043 haste use Orange Int Mastery gems if not use Orange Int Haste gems
  • Red is always pure Int

You can apply this same thing to reforging.
  • Always reforge haste down to or close to 3043 without going under.
  • Always reforge Crit to mastery if possible, if you cant then spirit.
  • Make sure you stay at your comfort zone for spirit.
Now im not saying these sites are the worst things ever and you should stay away. There a good tool for sure. However the average player will just plug in the info and not think twice. That is scary.

Friday, April 26, 2013

New DruidboyZ album out now!

Buy the full album here! Also available on Itunes.

Friday, April 12, 2013

400% mana - 300% mana just a tooltip fix says Ghost Crawler

I don't know for sure thats its a tooltip fix but we wont know for sure till the ptr comes back up in a few hours however i'll explain what i think this change means.

I think They have increased base mana for hybrids only thus increasing mana for non caster hybrids such as feral and then decreased those talents to compensate.
What that basically does is give feral more mana so they dont oom in a cast or to while leaving healers at 300k mana. (also slightly buffing innervate for ferals) A quality of life type change.

Like i said PTR should be back up soonish and i'll edit this post after i take a look