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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Access to 5.0.1 PTR and Mists of Pandaria Beta

Orignally posted by Blizzard Entertainment
We will soon begin public testing of patch 5.0.1 of World of Warcraft, a patch that will precede the Mists of Pandaria release, and includes many features and functions that are new to the game.

We encourage all players who wish to test patch 5.0.1 with us to take careful note of the following:

  • It will not be possible to access the 5.0.1 PTR realms with a game account that accesses the Mists of Pandaria Beta.

  • If a game account has been flagged with a Mists of Pandaria Beta license, it can only be used to enter Beta realms.

  • This limitation is on each World of Warcraft license, and is not account-based.

  • While testing 5.0.1, players will not be able to access zones or content that is a part of the Mists of Pandaria expansion.
    Thank you for your continued support of our testing and tuning process. We look forward to seeing you in-game.

    Notes: PTR Character copy seems to be enabled. (It is my copy just completed, do it now before the servers become overloaded!)
    Template copy's are not enabled

    PTR servers aren't up yet but i will update when they are.
    Don't be a noob and expect much, this is basically ui stuff/new talents and maybe the pre-event if they decide to test that later.

    However normally the PTR means a release date is incoming.

  • You Cant Find Anything Good Before Act 3 Inferno! lol what?

    Don't believe the lies you may here on the forums (Especially post 1.0.3b) you can find lots of great stuff in the lower acts for example:

    That belt was found by me last night in Act 1, as of writing this (7/2/12) it is the best Wizard belt on either North American auction houses

    What makes it better than the one other belt with slightly higher vit and int you ask?

    This belt has about 400 more armor and Physical resist, that belt had cold resist (Cold resist is not a primary resist, physical is the best resist, 264 armor, no +Armor and only 4 affixes.

    Don't give up if you cant farm higher acts, sure act 3 is awesome but it is only slightly better than act 1 inferno and your chance of death is a lot higher meaning less potential profits.

    (Sold this for 27 Million, so yeah you can find awesome stuff in any act)