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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Update: Nintendo's pre-E3 Wii U briefing 6PM EST/3PM PST

Bahska's Opinion On The WiiU: WiiU = 5 years ago technology + The wii system you already bought 5 years ago :D /facepalm One good thing that was shown is Zelda HD that looked pretty sweet people will have nerdgasms over that on Tuesday.
All in all i don't curr what your system looks like its 5 year+ old tech that's the same thing as a Wii but as a touchpad.
I would have been happier if Nintendo announced new IP's, sequels are ok but year after year of the same crap im just a bit sick of it by now.

Long story short its good they came out with a console a year before everyone else but i would have liked something new, HD Zelda looked really good but again its just the same thing we have seen before but with new polish.

Maybe we will see something new on Tuesday, But im not gonna hold my breath.
Seems to me like Nintendo hasn't learned much since the Gamecube days,
Kiddy is fine but you risk alienating your hardcore user base in the process, this is something Nintendo has done for years and it's sad that they just don't get it.
There will always be the Nintendo fans that will snatch up anything Nintendo throws at them but as a old school Nintendo player there's others that just do gaming better for me now. Update: An Now after the Press Conference my opinion stands, WiiU is a Gimmick, oh and telling everyone to come back the next day to a website to see more is terrible marketing especially when people showed up today to see stuff at your conference.