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Friday, February 10, 2012

 Adding pictures of todays protest from around the world
We are not going black instead we will have a way for every single person to get involved, Europeans helped the US we can and should help them besides this effects us all not just the EU just like SOPA/PIPA effected the whole world.

I do agree piracy is a bad thing and people shouldn't get away with it but paying off law makers to take away freedoms and circumvent privacy laws is a little much especially when the FBI has already shown that they don't need these laws to take down sites that promote piracy.
Take a look at ACTA a law that's been signed already its one step away from having a camera in your computer recording you.
It didn't need a senate vote has been around since 2007 and was signed 2011 didn't hear about it? cause it was done in secret.

Its worse then SOPA/PIPA that you probably heard about during the mass internet protest last month but take a look at what it will do to your favorite sites if it passes in the EU the final step it needs to go live.

To be honest these bills don't even solve the problem of piracy they just give Hollywood the rights to shutdown any site it feels violates the law.
This is the real reason there's over 200 protests planned for tomorrow across Europe, Brazil and the US.
So Youtube you make to much money with your ads "Let me paste this link here" then they sound the alarms and there goes Youtube.
Im all for a real piracy fix, not just stupid bills that do nothing but screw legitimate company's around the world and take away people's rights.

If Europe passes this bill it goes live worlwide no vote needed so yes we will be going dark and i will be screaming my lungs off on twitter again tomorrow.

  • Together, we beat SOPA in a huge victory for internet freedom.  But this Saturday, internet freedom protests are breaking out in over 200 cities across Europe.  Why?
    Because the companies behind SOPA are using international trade agreements as a backdoor to pass SOPA-style laws
    SOPA's supporters are pushing two agreements: ACTA and TPP1.  ACTA would criminalize users, encourage internet providers to spy on you, and make it easier for media companies to sue sites out of existence and jail their founders.  Sound familiar?  That's right, ACTA is from the same playbook as SOPA, but global.  Plus it didn't even have to pass through Congress2.
    TPP goes even farther than ACTA, and the process has been even more secretive and corrupt.  Last weekend (we wish this was a joke) trade negotiators partied with MPAA (pro-SOPA) lobbyists before secret negotiations in a Hollywood hotel, while public interest groups were barred from meeting in the same building.3Trade agreements are a gaping loophole, a secretive backdoor track that--even though it creates new laws--is miles removed from democracy.  Trade negotiators are unelected and unaccountable, so these agreements have been very hard for internet rights groups to stop.
    But now the tide is turning.  Fueled by the movement to stop SOPA, anti-ACTA protests are breaking out across the EU, which hasn't ratified ACTA.  The protests are having an impact: leaders in Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia have backtracked on ACTA.4  Now a massive round of street protests in over 200 cities is planned for this Saturday February 11th.
    We're planning an online protest this Saturday to support the protests in the streets.  Why?  Because together we can drive millions of emails to key decision makers--and start tipping the scales like we did on SOPA.