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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Were Back Thanks Again For Sticking With Us And Supporting This Cause

Were back, Thanks for staying with us i know there were people who wanted to see my video's today and well im sorry. If we didn't have stupid lawmakers and even dumber people (MPAA) trying to get laws past we wouldn't have had to do any of this.

That said are voice was heard, the fight is just beginning but most are either willing to work with us or have completely withdrawn there support.
check CNET’s coverage here.

"In the future, whenever you feel small, helpless or voiceless, look back to this week and know that you helped shape history for the better."
The battle is not over. In fact, it’s only just begun. If you want to ensure free non-censored Internet, make sure you stay tuned in the months ahead and stay vigilant Speak your mind don't stop talking and telling people about it, we stop talking they win.

You can still and i encourage you to write, call, tweet, facebook anything to your senator(s) 1 voice can make or break a decision, if you already did i thank you personally you did a great thing even if it may take a little while to see the outcome <3 
I can say win or lose today i am proud of the internet, the FREE internet for coming together for this terrible reason, but great cause.  It was a huge middle finger to the people trying to take us down and it felt great.