Friday, September 21, 2012

People already losing interest in GW2?

Been like this for about a week. My guess is most hit cap fast in GW2 and then quickly burnt out. The Game hasn't even been out 3 weeks yet whats your opinion on the rapid disinterest? Discuss......
Someone on facebook said That's because everyone is playing! But by that logic GW2 had 15k concurrent viewers 2 weeks ago, so no one played it at launch is what that person is saying they only watched streams of others playing???
Except we know that to be false as Anet has said they had 400k concurrent players at and around launch. is arguably the biggest video game streaming site on the web, there a pretty good gauge of fan reaction if you watch it every time a popular game releases or has a update it's ratings push up.

I highly doubt going from 15k viewers and in the top games to 500 within a week (Or so) means no one is watching cause there all playing.

Does it mean anything? Well maybe maybe not, there's plenty of really good games that have released or are soon and it could just mean some of the streamers have moved on.

This will be more interesting in a few months when the hype for other games such as MoP has died down as well, then we'll see the big picture.

Stats from TwitchTV


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