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Friday, September 7, 2012

Brand New Look! Why?

I mostly changed the look for 3 reasons

1. The old version wasn't scaling well, People have different browsers, people also have different size monitors this version scales to all of them.

2. I wanted more control over the back end, there's things i wanted to do that just weren't possible with the old site.

3. The old site wasn't optimized which means it was slow the more we added the harder it was to keep it loading fast

We needed to make a big change soon and it was either now or after Mists of Pandaria's release and after wasn't really a option as those 3 or so months are going to be crazy for me.
So I made the decision late lastnight to scrap it and rebuild.  Thanks to the help of a good friend we got it done in one day, keep in mind we are not done the site is useable and has most of the old features but now that we can we will be adding more in the future (adding more was not possible with the old design)

The best part? The new "spotlight" section at the top where we highlight other gaming community's from around the web.


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