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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Patch 5.0.4 Is Now Up For Download Update: Possible error fixes

First off copy your addons folder and save it somewhere else other than the warcraft folder in case there are any issue while download/install is happening.

Next you have to reconfigure game files this happens automatically but may take up to a hour to complete. If your downloader seems stuck at a certain percentage don't freak out it's still working. As this step takes so long it's best to get it done this morning if possible.

Then you can update your addons this is a major patch all of your addons will be broken Curse Client is a fast, no hassle way to get this done.

Expect a delay in the estimated time servers come back up, this is a systems patch more than anything.  If you expect a delay you'll be less annoyed.

As with every patch we will be here with updates as delays happen and/or servers come up and there will be a live stream of all the new toys.

(If it still doesn't download check out these possible fixes.)

"failed to read a required file."

Delete your folders

Try deleting the folders.


**Note** you will need to enable hidden files and folders on your system in order to see the Program Data folder.

How to show hidden files!
Ok this didn't work the first time i had him try it, but i had him try again and it worked!
So if it doesn't work the first time for this error try again, it seems to be the required fix.


Thanks Bahska. Exactly what I was looking for. Wasn't sure if my downloader was broke. It was taking FOREVER xD Anyways, Thanks. Enjoy 5.0.4!

Also, If you happen to know what percentage in the download it stops reconfiguring, that'd be real nice :D Thanks!
- Cantor of Wyrmrest Accord.

It seems like it stops at o or 1% for most, i just posted a link from blizzard on some possible fixes the optimizer continues to be stuck at 0 for longer than a half hour.
There are other error fixes in that sticky as well.

Currently trying to fix the "failed to read a required file." error for a friend, when it gets figured out i will post that fix here as well.

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