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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bahska's Patch 5.0.4/Mists of Pandaria Restoration And Balance Guides.

Bahska's Restoration and Balance Guides

Probably some of the most in depth guides i have ever written during some of the most stressful times of my life but i spent all day yesterday and this morning finishing them up, so here you go :D

Balance has changed a ton in this patch, restoration not so much but there are a few things that have changed. Most notably:

  • Ironbark
  • Intellect no longer increases your mana pool
  • A more Mists of pandaria change but still not worthy Symbiosis talent
  • And of course the talent tree changes in general.

Sadly i only really know these two specs and do to time constraints i was unable to get other people to right guides for there classes/specs if you know of other in depth guides for patch 5.0.4 or Mists of Pandaria feel free to leave them with a link in the comments.


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