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Friday, June 1, 2012

FRIDAY 10PM ET/7PM PT - First Annual VOG Virtual Media Briefing Extravaganza

This weekend into next week is the time for many random things, we will have more info on our E3 coverage Saturday afternoon but lets start this weekend off with a big announcement from are friends at VOGNetwork listen in and chat with them over at

Are all joining the regular line up of shows
 along with there 24/7 music station. Congrats to them! :D

Orange Lounge Radio 10th Anniversary Special Announcement

Brand new website with forums launching tonight after the show

One login across the whole site

A video player appears automatically under the radio player when one is available.

Live Chat Room

A game for participating on VOGNetwork, Find loot, earn points, leaderboards all for you to help build the community.
VOG is you!
Full description of VOG The Game By it's Developer Bobby Blackwolf. (Link)

Editorials such as: I'm 29 years old, and I hardcore play Pokemon.

More updates over time with your input.


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