Thursday, February 9, 2012

Blizzard Q4 Confereance Call

  • World of Warcraft lost 100,000 subscribers, down to 10.2 million. This was a total lost of 1.8 million for the year.
  • There are ~50 million active users.
  • Diablo III should launch in Q2
  • More than one million Annual Passes have been sold in the West.
    • World of Warcraft now has 10.2M active subscribers.
  • Blizzard DOTA F2P coming in 2012
  • Multiple Titles still coming in 2012
  • " Morhaime: "December was a good month for us." Keep in mind SWTOR launched in December, and he seems very happy with WoW's performance
  • Blizzard is happy with how the subscription numbers held up during the most competitive quarter ever.


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