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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Extended Maintenance for 12/6/11 - Update.

Realms are coming back up as i post this!

 I had to add that, wow people are stupid.

 Update from Blizzard: Just a quick update everyone:

We are currently in the process of performing additional realm maintenance testing and anticipate all realms will be available at approximately 2:00 p.m. PST. Thank you for your patience.

Just a fyi Blizzard has extended today's maintenance 2 hours to 1 pm PST or 4 pm EST  to allow "Additional database checks"

What i'll be doing with the extra time? No not fixing the header to show i have changed guilds like i should be :P
I'll do more fun things like listen to Horde House of course, psh.
Episode Forty-Seven: If you have a chance to pop it, pop it! | Horde House – A World of Warcraft Pod

Okay, like every Warcraft show on the planet, we're going to talk about 4.3 What makes this show even better is that we are BACK after some strange downtime that resulted in missing episodes. Please note that Episodes 45 & 46 are also available again if you missed them... the others will fill in the feed soon.

Sil is joining us from Girls Gone WoW, as well as our old pal Miklotov, who REALLY likes baked potatoes and Mario Kart. Jaina-- not so much.

Oh, just download it!

Also a quick reminder:

Special Warcraft Outsiders reunion show (no Kyle) this week, Tues the 6th at 11pm est on , right after VGO

New Lore: "Charge of the Aspects" Story Available

The latest entry in the Expanded Universe short story series, "Charge of the Aspects" is now live! Be sure to give it a read.

LFR Exploit Bans - Players from Paragon Among Other Top Guilds Receive Temp Bans

Update: Official Blizzard Statement
Update 2: From Method: Paragon weren't the only ones, according to this some got perma bans as well.

Players that exploited LFR to get loot multiple times supposedly are receiving 3-8 day bans tonight.

An LFR Apology From Paragon

There has been a lot of misinformation going around, so to clear things up, here is a truthful account of what exactly happened with the LFR and what we have to say about it:
The patch hit EU servers on Wednesday. We started off with our 5x Firelands runs to wrap up legendaries and called it a night. For Thursday, we had an elaborate plan to run a personal LFR raid for every main character to get the maximum amount of loot.
As we were doing the first few runs, we noticed an unrealistic amount of tier pieces on some guilds' armory profiles, which we thought was unattainable through normal means. We started looking into it, and found out that you can loot passed gear from bosses, regardless of save status, if you zone out and back into the instance. This did not provide the raid with any extra loot, but it did eliminate a major portion of the RNG that would have been involved in simply doing personal runs for everyone.
We acknowledge that using this unintended behavior, which was quite clearly a bug, to our gain, was wrong. The fact that others were using it as well is no justification for doing it ourselves. We apologize for doing it, and accept whatever consequences follow.