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Monday, November 21, 2011

Yogscast VS. Notch Round 1 FIGHT!



My opinions are the same as Total biscuits here
For those that don't know the story check Notch's Twitter and this video (I'll link it when its uploaded) remember we have only heard from Notch so far, The Yogscast are currently on a plane ride going home to England.
 TB's Opinion:
Looks like the witchhunt on both sides is in full swing, here's my two-pence on the latest developments, point by point.
Yogscast repeatedly insulted people, talked behind their backs, refused to cooperate, and acted like total spoiled divas nonstop.
This really doesn't sound like the Simon and Lewis I now, who are generally extremely chilled out fun people, both online and in real life.
They called us "a bunch of nerds who don't know how to run a company", demanded that we pay them to come here (nobody else got paid).
Alright so, when you bring celebrities to a convention, do you generally ask them to come for free? You expect them to go without compensation, which usually includes transatlantic flights and accomodation for several people as well as an appearance fee? No, you don't. Conventions rely on the celebrities in question to bring people to the event, drive traffic to the stream and add value. Yogscast are not just a couple of random fans, this is their full-time job. I've been doing events for a while now as a commentator, if an event didn't offer to pay for my services I'd have to think twice about going. Why? Because it's my job, doing things for free devalues you and it's very easy to be taken for a ride if you act like a push-over. If it was down the road, sure, maybe. If it's half way across the planet, well yeah, I'd kinda want to get paid for doing that gig, as would pretty much every eSports commentator. Yogscast went to do a panel and sign autographs, that in itself is a service, not to mention the fact that it takes them away from their regular jobs. The fact that no-one else got paid does not indicate a problem with Yogscast, but with a multi-millionaire staffing a convention with volunteers. Having seen some of the footage from Minecon, "a bunch of nerds who don't know how to run a company" is exactly how I'd describe Mojang and y'know what? I wouldn't even say that's a bad thing. The whole grass-roots "hey we're just one guy and his idea who made it big" thing is endearing and honest, but as we've just seen from this rampage, professionalism is not the highest priority of Mojang at the moment and they really don't know how to run a company. That line can be taken in many different ways, particularly coming from 2 British guys that are known to take the piss (like every British guy ever born).
And they claim they're the reason minecraft is big and that we should thank them more than anyone else in the community. They're total dicks
They are certainly the biggest driving force behind Minecraft at present, you only need to look at the view count. After Seananners stopped doing Minecraft content, Yogscast became a massive driving force of free promotion for the game. Their videos hit the frontpage of Youtube every day, showing Minecraft off on the second largest search engine in the world time after time. I'm not sure Notch fully grasps just how much that many views on Youtube can do for your product. To give another example, the Magicka developers told me that they attribute the majority of their sales to WTF is Magicka and The Yogscast and TotalBiscuit play Magicka. This would make sense, if you look at the views on those videos, they are massive. For an indie company, Youtube and word of mouth are to two biggest forms of free marketing available and guess what generates word of mouth? Well how about literally over a million people watching and talking about Yogscast Minecraft videos? If anything, Notch does actually sound a little ungrateful here which is a rather flabbergasting attitude from an indie dev and one I've never seen before (those who don't know, my main source of income is my WTF is series which hilights indie games, it's fairly well viewed and I've had nothing but gratitude from devs whose games I've promoted). I suppose when you get as big and as wealthy as Notch, the attitude can change.
A kid wanted them to sign something I had signed, and they said they'd cross it out and put "fuck you" there instead.
Welcome to Yogscast humour and more to the point, British humour. The easily offended need not to apply. How old was this kid? The Yogscast demographic is quite young anyway and there is plenty of harsh language in their videos, not to mention they would hear much worse on the playground. This sounds like a joke, not a particularly good one, but a joke none-the-less and not worth getting in a tizzy over.
Everyone else in the Minecraft community is all about respecting and caring. They're not. They're an isolated island of egos.
Well no, it's not Notch, you've bred one of the most retarded fanbases in gaming history. It's not your fault, but the entire Minecraft community is not in fact, about respecting and caring. There are subcommunities within it that are, /r/Minecraft is a great subreddit from what I can see, Yogscast also has a large community of it's own over on it's forums that does just as you describe. However, you also have a lot of immature, raging assholes in your "community" as well as plenty of others who are just out for themselves. Those people don't do massive charity streams like Yogscast do, they don't promote mods (and yes I am aware of the issues with the Yogbox, nobody goes through life without fuckups), they don't act as an extremely important stimulus to the community that you apparently love so much. Yogscast is without question one of the most important forces within not only Minecraft but at this point, gaming in general. They wield a massive amount of influence and they make a hell of a lot of people very happy.
Who knows what actually happened, it will be interesting to see if the community points the pitchforks back at Notch after Yogscast is able to make their statement (they are probably still on a plane right now) and tell their side of the story. Everyone loves a good witch-hunt, but a little perspective here please and do we really have to air this dirty laundry in public?
Bahska's Opinion Which Is Fairly Close To The Above Opinion:

Honestly it doesn't matter if there celebrity's or not, they showed up as guests, were asked to work, they deserve compensation for there time.
Were they the only ones who asked for money? Maybe, but it still doesn't change the above fact. If Notch didn't want to pay them he shouldn't have asked them to work.
If you think Sony didn't pay them for there time at Gamescom your kidding yourself.
Are they celebrities? To a lot of people yes hell there "Little" internet video channel has 527 million video hits that's 5 times the amount the record breaking Super Bowl had last year. That's a lot of viewers for a youtube channel.

The swearing part is what sounds odd to me, the "little" kid was 16 years old. If he watches the Yogscast he's gonna listen to way worse then this from The Notch interview from Notch himself.
Sounds pretty hypocritical to say these people cant swear but i can come to there interview and make masturbation jokes and say i had sex with one of the hosts mother.

If Notch wanted to be professional like he is trying to portray himself to be on Twitter with these acquisitions he should have kept this all behind the scenes instead of throwing a hissy fit all over the internet.

From what i heard this whole event was a bit of a mess 1 example being the "100% Exclusive" to Minecon Deadmau5 concert, that Notch himself got locked out of do to lack of space, when 50% of the concert attendees were not Minecon attendees not to mention known hookers where allowed entrance.

Seems to me like the whole event didn't go Notches way so he's pointing fingers, though that's my opinion based on the facts we know at this moment.

Doesn't sound that bad to me, what do you think?
Actually sounds like he's giving back to the community to me, if Notch didn't want them to do this presentation and would rather have them sit behind a desk well he should go back and watch this video.

Also sorry for the quality GG IGN for that one. ;)