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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Patch 4.3 On the Background Downloader

Doesn't mean its coming this Tuesday, I'm still betting on a December 6th or the week before release.
A lot of this patch is the Darkmoone Faire Update and that's the last one of the Faire year.

Besides Blizzard normally puts RELEASE on the latest PTR candidate and that hasn't happened yet.

One more reason why its not coming this Tuesday, there still testing raids:
Here’s the latest PTR testing schedule as announced by Daelo, our lead encounter designer. As always, please keep in mind this is a test environment and the schedule may change depending on last minute adjustments. We recommend you keep an eye on both the EU and US PTR forums to be sure to see the latest updates.

Monday, November 8
19:30 CET Warlord Zon’ozz 10 Heroic
23:00 CET Hagara 10 Heroic

Tuesday, November 9
00:30 CET Warmaster Blackhorn 10 Heroic
19:30 CET Warlord Zon’ozz 25 Heroic
23:00 CET Hagara 25 Heroic

Wednesday, November 10
00:30 CET Warmaster Blackhorn 25 Heroic
02:00 CET Spine of Deathwing 25 Heroic