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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Patch 4.3: Dungeons and Raid Boss Transcripts (Spoilers)

Build 14791 also brought us the voice over files for the new raid and dungeons bosses. Do not read anything below if you do not like spoilers.

Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
  • VO_BH_ALIZABAL_AGGRO_01 - I hate adventurers!
  • VO_BH_ALIZABAL_DEATH_01 - I hate... every.. one of you!
  • VO_BH_ALIZABAL_INTRO_01 - How I hate this place. My captors may be long dead.. but don't think I won't take it out on you, miserable treasure hunters!
  • VO_BH_ALIZABAL_RESET_01 - I hate incompetent raiders.
  • VO_BH_ALIZABAL_SLAY_01 - I still hate you.
  • VO_BH_ALIZABAL_SLAY_02 - Do you hate me?
  • VO_BH_ALIZABAL_SLAY_03 - Good!
  • VO_BH_ALIZABAL_SLAY_04 - I hate mercy.
  • VO_BH_ALIZABAL_SPELL_01 - I hate armor!
  • VO_BH_ALIZABAL_SPELL_02 - I hate martyrs!
  • VO_BH_ALIZABAL_SPELL_03 - Feel my hatred!
  • VO_BH_ALIZABAL_SPELL_04 - My hatred burns!
  • VO_BH_ALIZABAL_SPELL_05 - My hate will consume you!
  • VO_BH_ALIZABAL_SPELL_06 - I hate you all!
  • VO_BH_ALIZABAL_SPELL_07 - I hate standing still!

  • VO_HOT_ARCURION_AGGRO_01 - Give up the Dragon Soul, and I may yet allow you to live.
  • VO_HOT_ARCURION_DEATH_01 - Nothing... nothing..
  • VO_HOT_ARCURION_EVENT_01 - Shaman.. the Dragon Soul is not yours - give it up and you may yet walk away with your life.
  • VO_HOT_ARCURION_EVENT_02 - Destroy them all, but bring the shaman to me.
  • VO_HOT_ARCURION_EVENT_03 - You will go nowhere, shaman.
  • VO_HOT_ARCURION_EVENT_04 - The hour of twilight falls. The end of all things. You cannot stop it. You are nothing. Nothing!
  • VO_HOT_ARCURION_INTRO_01 - You are a fool if you think to take your place as the aspect of earth, shaman.
  • VO_HOT_ARCURION_INTRO_02 - You are a mere mortal, it is time you die like one.
  • VO_HOT_ARCURION_SLAY_01 - Mere mortals..
  • VO_HOT_ARCURION_SLAY_02 - Your shaman can't protect you.
  • VO_HOT_ARCURION_SLAY_03 - The aspects misplaced their trust.
  • VO_HOT_ARCURION_SPELL_01 - Enough, shaman!
  • VO_HOT_ARCURION_SPELL_02 - None will survive!
  • VO_HOT_ARCURION_SPELL_03 - The shaman is mine. Focus on his companion.
  • VO_HOT_ARCURION_SPELL_04 - Freeze!

  • VO_HOT_ASIRA_AGGRO_01 - Let's get to work, shall we?
  • VO_HOT_ASIRA_DEATH_01 - You're much better than I thought.
  • VO_HOT_ASIRA_EVENT_01 - Where do you think you're going, little lizard?
  • VO_HOT_ASIRA_EVENT_02 - And with that out of the way - you and your flock of fumbling friends are next on my list.. I thought you'd never get here!
  • VO_HOT_ASIRA_EVENT_03 - Well, that was even easier than I thought.
  • VO_HOT_ASIRA_SLAY_01 - So soon.
  • VO_HOT_ASIRA_SLAY_02 - I hope your friends can do better!
  • VO_HOT_ASIRA_SLAY_03 - Too much fun!
  • VO_HOT_ASIRA_SLAY_04 - Good night.
  • VO_HOT_ASIRA_SPELL_01 - Bye-bye.
  • VO_HOT_ASIRA_SPELL_02 - Now you see me..
  • VO_HOT_ASIRA_SPELL_03 - Surprise!

  • VO_WOE_AZSHARA_AGGRO_01 - Ahh.. Welcome! You are here to join us in the coming celebration? No? A pity.
  • VO_WOE_AZSHARA_EVENT_01 - Bold of you to strike a queen - unless a monarch might be enraged.
  • VO_WOE_AZSHARA_EVENT_02 - Such insolence.. my temper grows short!
  • VO_WOE_AZSHARA_EVENT_03 - Do not ask for mercy after such an act.
  • VO_WOE_AZSHARA_EVENT_04 - Enough - as much as I adore playing hostess, I have more pressing matters to attend to.
  • VO_WOE_AZSHARA_EVENT_05 - Riders - to me!
  • VO_WOE_AZSHARA_EVENT_06 - My noble Varo'then.. do return and dispose of this murderous band.
  • VO_WOE_AZSHARA_RESET_01 - To prepare of a world of perfection - the imperfect must be swept away.
  • VO_WOE_AZSHARA_SLAY_01 - I am unimpressed.
  • VO_WOE_AZSHARA_SLAY_02 - Your conduct was inexcusable.
  • VO_WOE_AZSHARA_SLAY_03 - Unfortunate, but deserved.
  • VO_WOE_AZSHARA_SPELL_01 - Dance with the eternal court.
  • VO_WOE_AZSHARA_SPELL_02 - If you intend to play the fool, you may aswell look the part.
  • VO_WOE_AZSHARA_SPELL_03 - Serve Azshara, puppets, and rejoice.
  • VO_WOE_AZSHARA_SPELL_04 - I have no time for such diversions. Keepers of eternity - will you stand for your queen?
  • VO_WOE_AZSHARA_SPELL_05 - Still these strangers would oppose your queen's will - who will stop them?
  • VO_WOE_AZSHARA_SPELL_06 - I besiege of you, my beloved subjects. Put and end to these.. miscreants.

  • VO_ET_ECHOOFBAINE_AGGRO_01 - What dark horrors have you brought in this place? By my ancestors honor - I shall take you to task!
  • VO_ET_ECHOOFBAINE_DEATH_01 - Where is this place? What have I done? Forgive me my father.
  • VO_ET_ECHOOFBAINE_INTRO_01 - YOU! Are you the ones responsible for what has happened here?
  • VO_ET_ECHOOFBAINE_SLAY_01 - This is the price you pay.
  • VO_ET_ECHOOFBAINE_SLAY_02 - A just punishment!
  • VO_ET_ECHOOFBAINE_SLAY_03 - Suffer for your arrogance!
  • VO_ET_ECHOOFBAINE_SPELL_01 - There will be no escape!
  • VO_ET_ECHOOFBAINE_SPELL_02 - My wrath knows no bounds!

  • VO_HOT_BENEDICTUS_DEATH_01 - I looked into the eyes of the dragon.. and despaired.
  • VO_HOT_BENEDICTUS_EVENT_01 - Get inside! Quickly! I'll hold them off.
  • VO_HOT_BENEDICTUS_EVENT_02 - And now, Shaman.. you will give the dragon soul to me.
  • VO_HOT_BENEDICTUS_SPELL_01 - The light will consume you!
  • VO_HOT_BENEDICTUS_SPELL_02 - Drown in shadow!

  • VO_WOE_BDRAGON01_EVENT_01 - It is them!
  • VO_WOE_BDRAGON01_EVENT_02 - Sister! Look! The artifact is surrounded by an aura of darkness!
  • VO_WOE_BDRAGON02_EVENT_01 - Heroes! We have been sent by Nozdormu. Quickly! On our backs. We must get you to the Dragon Soul.
  • VO_WOE_BDRAGON02_EVENT_02 - The aspects!
  • VO_WOE_BDRAGON04_EVENT_01 - The old gods protect the soul!
  • VO_WOE_BDRAGON05_EVENT_01 - The link to the portal must be broken! Quickly! To Stormrage!

  • VO_DS_DEATHWING_BACKEVENT_01 - Your tenacity is admirable.. but pointless. You ride into the jaws of the apocalypse!
  • VO_DS_DEATHWING_BACKSLAY_01 - You are less than dust. Fit only to be brushed from my back.
  • VO_DS_DEATHWING_BACKSLAY_02 - Huh. I had not realized you fools were still there.
  • VO_DS_DEATHWING_BACKSLAY_03 - Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you.. to your deaths.
  • VO_DS_DEATHWING_BACKSLAY_04 - Cling while you can, heroes! You and your world.. are doomed.
  • VO_DS_DEATHWING_MAELSTROMEVENT_01 - I am Deathwing. The Destroyer. The end of all things. Inevitable. Indomitable. I. AM. THE CATACLYSM.
  • VO_DS_DEATHWING_MAELSTROMSPELL_01 - There is no shelter from my fury!
  • VO_DS_DEATHWING_MAELSTROMSPELL_02 - Your armor means nothing! Your faith.. even less.
  • VO_DS_DEATHWING_MAELSTROMSPELL_03 - The sea will swallow your smoldering remains!
  • VO_DS_DEATHWING_MAELSTROMSPELL_04 - I shall tear this world apart!
  • VO_DS_DEATHWING_MAELSTROMSPELL_05 - I shall show you a true.. CATACLYSM.
  • VO_DS_DEATHWING_MAELSTROMSPELL_06 - Watch as your world comes to an end!
  • VO_DS_DEATHWING_PREULTRAXION_01 - It is good to see you again, Alexstrazsa. I have been busy.. in my absence.
  • VO_DS_DEATHWING_PREULTRAXION_02 - Twisting your pitiful whelps into mindless abominations bent only to my will. It was a -very- painful process.
  • VO_DS_DEATHWING_PREULTRAXION_03 - Mere whelps.. experiments. A means to a greater end. You will see what the research of my clutch has yielded!
  • VO_DS_DEATHWING_PREULTRAXION_04 - Nefarian? Onyxia? Sinistra? They were nothing. Now you face my ultimate creation.
  • VO_DS_DEATHWING_PREULTRAXION_05 - The hour of twilight is nigh. The sun sets on your pitiful mortal existence.

  • VO_ETHEREALNPCPISSED01 - Yes. Yes. You have my full attention.
  • VO_ETHEREALNPCPISSED02 - Please do not tug the wrappings.
  • VO_ETHEREALNPCPISSED03 - Heh. You flatter me.. but I am here for business. Not pleasure.

Guardian Demon
  • VO_WOE_GuardianDemon_EVENT_01 - The portal is closing, hurry!
  • VO_WOE_GuardianDemon_EVENT_02 - There! Go go!
  • VO_WOE_GuardianDemon_EVENT_03 - Such fragile creatures. Worthless.
  • VO_WOE_GuardianDemon_EVENT_04 - Their fate is sealed.
  • VO_WOE_GuardianDemon_EVENT_05 - Leave nothing but smoldering husks.

Jaina Proudmoore
  • VO_ET_ECHOOFJAINA_AGGRO_01 - You asked for it!
  • VO_ET_ECHOOFJAINA_AGGRO_02 - I hate resorting to violence!
  • VO_ET_ECHOOFJAINA_DEATH_01 - I understand.. now. Farewell.. and good luck.
  • VO_ET_ECHOOFJAINA_INTRO_01 - I don't know who you are, but I'll defend this shrine with my life. Leave. Now. Before we come to blows.
  • VO_ET_ECHOOFJAINA_SLAY_01 - You forced my hand.
  • VO_ET_ECHOOFJAINA_SLAY_02 - I didn't want to do that.
  • VO_ET_ECHOOFJAINA_SLAY_03 - I wish you'd surrendered!

  • VO_DS_KALECGOS_DWBATTLE_01 - Well done! I will reline the flow of mana and fill the Dragon Soul with all my arcane might!
  • VO_DS_KALECGOS_DWBATTLE_02 - I will charge you with arcane energy to blast your foes!
  • VO_DS_KALECGOS_DWBATTLE_03 - Is he.. coming apart?!
  • VO_DS_KALECGOS_DWBATTLE_04 - The destroyer is gathering all his might.. for a blow that will split the world!
  • VO_DS_KALECGOS_IRIS_01 - Excellent. We will begin the ritual at once.
  • VO_DS_KALECGOS_PREDWBACK_01 - He is heading to the Maelstrom! We must stop him now! We may never get another chance if he escapes into Deepholm!
  • VO_DS_KALECGOS_PREHAGARA_01 - Not necessarily.. I believe.. yes. It might just work.
  • VO_DS_KALECGOS_PREHAGARA_02 - The focusing iris within the Eye of Eternity may allow us to converge the magical matrix contained within the Dragon Soul.
  • VO_DS_KALECGOS_PREHAGARA_03 - Then I will open the way into the Eye of Eternity! You must not fail, heroes. The future of Azeroth hinges on your actions!
  • VO_DS_KALECGOS_ULTRAXION_01 - Winds of the arcane, be at their backs and refresh them in this hour of darkness!

  • VO_WOE_VAROTHEN_AGGRO_01 - For you, Azshara!
  • VO_WOE_VAROTHEN_DEATH_01 - Light of lights! I have failed you. I am sorry, my Azshara..
  • VO_WOE_VAROTHEN_EVENT_01 - At your side, my queen.
  • VO_WOE_VAROTHEN_INTRO_01 - Highguard! To arms! For your queen! For Azshara!
  • VO_WOE_VAROTHEN_SLAY_01 - None may cross the queen!
  • VO_WOE_VAROTHEN_SLAY_02 - A deserved death!
  • VO_WOE_VAROTHEN_SLAY_03 - In Azshara's name!

  • VO_WOE_MANNOROTH_AGGRO_01 - Hah! Come.. Stormrage.. and I will show you what happens to those that betray the lord of legion! Mwahaha!
  • VO_WOE_MANNOROTH_DEATH_01 - No! NOO! This victory will not be ripped from my grasp! I will not return to him in failure. I will not be torn from this pitiful world! NOOOOOOO!
  • VO_WOE_MANNOROTH_EVENT_01 - See that I am not disrupted by this rebel.
  • VO_WOE_MANNOROTH_EVENT_02 - Lord Sargeras. I will not fail you! Sweep you molten fist through this world so that it may be reborn in flames.. and darkness!
  • VO_WOE_MANNOROTH_EVENT_04 - Your blood is mine, elve!
  • VO_WOE_MANNOROTH_EVENT_05 - YEEEES! YEEEEEEEES! I can feel his burning eyes upon me. He is close. So close. And then your world... will be unmade! Your lives.. as nothing!

  • VO_DS_MORCHOK_AGGRO_01 - You seek to hold an avalanche. I will bury you.
  • VO_DS_MORCHOK_DEATH_01 - Impossible. This cannot be. The tower.. must.. fall.
  • VO_DS_MORCHOK_EVENT_01 - Weaklings! Come down and fight for I will bring you down!
  • VO_DS_MORCHOK_EVENT_02 - You cannot hide in this temple forever.. shaman.
  • VO_DS_MORCHOK_EVENT_03 - I will turn this tower to rubble and scatter it across the wastes.
  • VO_DS_MORCHOK_EVENT_04 - Wyrmrest.. will.. fall. All will be dust.
  • VO_DS_MORCHOK_GROUND1_01 - The stone calls..
  • VO_DS_MORCHOK_GROUND1_02 - The ground shakes..
  • VO_DS_MORCHOK_GROUND1_03 - The rocks.. rumble..
  • VO_DS_MORCHOK_GROUND1_04 - The surface.. quakes..
  • VO_DS_MORCHOK_GROUND2_01 - And the black blood of the earth consumes you!
  • VO_DS_MORCHOK_GROUND2_02 - And there is no escape from the old gods!
  • VO_DS_MORCHOK_GROUND2_03 - And the rage of the true gods.. follows.
  • VO_DS_MORCHOK_GROUND2_04 - And you prowl in the hate.. of the master!
  • VO_DS_MORCHOK_INTRO_01 - No mortal shall turn me from my task.
  • VO_DS_MORCHOK_ORB_01 - Flee and die.
  • VO_DS_MORCHOK_ORB_02 - Run and perish.
  • VO_DS_MORCHOK_SLAY_01 - I am unstoppable.
  • VO_DS_MORCHOK_SLAY_02 - It was inevitable.
  • VO_DS_MORCHOK_SLAY_03 - Ground to dust.
  • VO_DS_MORCHOK_SPLIT_01 - You thought to fight me alone? The earth splits to swallow you.. and crush you..

  • VO_ET_MUROZOND_AGGRO_01 - So be it.
  • VO_ET_MUROZOND_DEATH_01 - You know not what you have done! Aman'thul.. what I have seen..
  • VO_ET_MUROZOND_EVENT_01 - The powers of the hourglass do nothing to me!
  • VO_ET_MUROZOND_EVENT_02 - To repeat the same action.. and expect different results is MADNESS.
  • VO_ET_MUROZOND_EVENT_03 - Another chance will make no difference. You will fail.
  • VO_ET_MUROZOND_EVENT_04 - Again?! Is this your plot? Your scheme?!
  • VO_ET_MUROZOND_EVENT_05 - The hourglass's power is exhausted. No more games, mortals! Relent or perish.
  • VO_ET_MUROZOND_INTRO_01 - The End Time, I once called this place. I had not seen by then. I did not know. You hope to what? Stop me here? Change the fate I worked so tirelessly to weave?
  • VO_ET_MUROZOND_INTRO_02 - You crawl unwitting, like a blind writhing worm towards endless madness and despair. I have witnessed the true End Time. This? This is a blessing you simply cannot comprehend.
  • VO_ET_MUROZOND_SLAY_01 - Your time has come.
  • VO_ET_MUROZOND_SLAY_02 - The sand has run out!
  • VO_ET_MUROZOND_SLAY_03 - Time ends!

  • VO_WOE_NELTHARION_EVENT_01 - How dare you touch my creation?! It is mine. Mine. MINE.

  • VO_DS_NOZDORMU_DWBATTLE_01 - What comes to pass.. will never be undone! It is time.. I will expend everything to bind every thread.. here.. now.. around the Dragon Soul!
  • VO_DS_NOZDORMU_DWBATTLE_02 - I will slow the Destroyer's attacks when I can.
  • VO_DS_NOZDORMU_DWBATTLE_03 - Press the attack, heroes!
  • VO_DS_NOZDORMU_DWBATTLE_04 - Hurry, heroes! In mere moments, Deathwing's cataclysm will complete what he has begun.. and end the world!
  • VO_DS_NOZDORMU_DWVICTORY_01 - Although you may want to hurry...
  • VO_DS_NOZDORMU_IRIS_01 - Not entirely unexpected..
  • VO_DS_NOZDORMU_ULTRAXION_01 - The cycle of time brings and end to all things!
  • VO_ET_NOZDORMU_EVENT_01 - Mortals.. I can not follow you any further. Accept my blessing and use the hourglass of time to defeat Murozond.
  • VO_ET_NOZDORMU_EVENT_02 - At last it has come to pass! The moment of my demise. The loop.. is closed. My future self will cause no more harm.
  • VO_ET_NOZDORMU_EVENT_03 - Still.. in time. I will fall to madness. And you heroes.. will vanquish me. The cycle will repeat.. so it goes.
  • VO_ET_NOZDORMU_EVENT_04 - What matters is that Azeroth did not fall! That we survive to fight.. another day!
  • VO_ET_NOZDORMU_EVENT_05 - All that matters.. is this moment!
  • VO_ET_NOZDORMU_INTRO_01 - There is an unnatural darkness to this place. A perpetual midnight.. take caution heroes, and do not stray from the light.
  • VO_ET_NOZDORMU_INTRO_02 - The undying flames are all that remain of this sacred place.. I sense much anger here. A seething rage barely held in check. Be on your guard!
  • VO_ET_NOZDORMU_INTRO_03 - And this is all that is left of the blue dragonshrine.. a great battle shattered the timewaves leading out of this forsaken place! You must reconstruct the fragments scattered across the ground and defeat the trapped spirit to proceed.
  • VO_ET_NOZDORMU_INTRO_06 - This is where she stood, heroes. And this is where she fell. The time-lost echo of Sylvanas Windrunner will reverberate through the rotting limbs of the dragonshrine for all eternity.
  • VO_ET_NOZDORMU_INTRO_07 - You must give peace to these lands if you are to face Murozond.
  • VO_NOZDORMU_GREETING01 - In time, all things are possible.
  • VO_NOZDORMU_GREETING02 - All that matters, is this moment.
  • VO_NOZDORMU_GREETING03 - Time is a tangled web.. try not to dwell on all the loose ends.
  • VO_NOZDORMU_GREETING04 - Do not confine yourself.. to linear thinking!
  • VO_NOZDORMU_GREETING05 - I can arrange for your parents not to meet!
  • VO_WOE_NOZDORMU_EVENT_01 - The Dragon Soul is safe once again! Quickly.. into the time portal before this world sunders!
  • VO_WOE_NOZDORMU_INTRO_01 - I see you've arrived. This is the eve of the sundering.. when the collapse of the Well of Eternity fractured the continents of the world.
  • VO_WOE_NOZDORMU_INTRO_02 - Here we will snatch up the Dragon Soul before it lost to the mists of time!
  • VO_WOE_NOZDORMU_INTRO_03 - But first, you must bring down the protective wards of Azshara's highborn lackeys.. you will find them within the palace. I will scout on ahead.
  • VO_WOE_NOZDORMU_INTRO_04 - Good luck, heroes.

Old God
  • VO_WOE_OLDGOD_EVENT_01 - Uuuuauuuuhh... awaaaaaaaaay...

  • VO_WOE_PEROTHARN_AGGRO_01 - No mortal may stand before me and live!
  • VO_WOE_PEROTHARN_DEATH_01 - Noooo! How can this be?
  • VO_WOE_PEROTHARN_EVENT_01 - Let's make a game of this! Hmm. Hide well worms.. and you may yet live a little longer.
  • VO_WOE_PEROTHARN_EVENT_02 - Hide worms! The hunt is on!
  • VO_WOE_PEROTHARN_EVENT_03 - You dare deny me?!
  • VO_WOE_PEROTHARN_EVENT_04 - Enough! It is time to end this game!
  • VO_WOE_PEROTHARN_EVENT_05 - He is near... lurking in the shadows. I can sense it.
  • VO_WOE_PEROTHARN_EVENT_06 - Be on alert! The portals must not be sealed.
  • VO_WOE_PEROTHARN_EVENT_07 - You! Felguard! Hold this area.
  • VO_WOE_PEROTHARN_EVENT_08 - The rest of you.. secure the courtyard!
  • VO_WOE_PEROTHARN_EVENT_09 - I can see you!
  • VO_WOE_PEROTHARN_EVENT_10 - You hide well.. worms. But how long can you delay your doom?
  • VO_WOE_PEROTHARN_EVENT_11 - I WILL find you.
  • VO_WOE_PEROTHARN_EVENT_12 - The shadows will not save you!
  • VO_WOE_PEROTHARN_EVENT_13 - Cower in hiding.
  • VO_WOE_PEROTHARN_INTRO_01 - Who shut down the portals!? Clever. Little worms.
  • VO_WOE_PEROTHARN_INTRO_02 - None will reach the palace without besting Perotharn.. first of the feltouched!
  • VO_WOE_PEROTHARN_SPELL_01 - Your essence.. is mine!
  • VO_WOE_PEROTHARN_SPELL_02 - The shadows.. serve me now!

Sky Captain Swayze
  • VO_DS_SWAYZE_BLACKHORNVICTORY_01 - Little hand says it's time to rock and roll! Everyone into the hole.. we've got a dragon to kill!
  • VO_DS_SWAYZE_DWBACK_01 - The plates! He's coming apart! Tear up the plates and we've got a shot at bringing him down!
  • VO_DS_SWAYZE_DWBACK_02 - Don't worry about me! Stop the Destroyer! Ain't you falling (????).
  • VO_DS_SWAYZE_EVENT_01 - All ahead, fool! Everything depends on our speed! We can't let the Destroyer get away!
  • VO_DS_SWAYZE_EVENT_02 - All hands to battlestations! Get those monsters away from the ship! Maintain full speed!
  • VO_DS_SWAYZE_EVENT_03 - Concentrate everything on the armored drake!
  • VO_DS_SWAYZE_EVENT_04 - An enemy sapper has breached the engine room!
  • VO_DS_SWAYZE_EVENT_05 - The skyfire can't take much more of this!
  • VO_DS_SWAYZE_EVENT_06 - We're going down! Abandon the ship!
  • VO_DS_SWAYZE_GOSSIP_01 - One hundred percent pure adrenaline.
  • VO_DS_SWAYZE_GOSSIP_02 - Fear causes hesitation.. and hesitation will cause your worst fears to come true.
  • VO_DS_SWAYZE_GOSSIP_03 - It's not tragic to die doing what you love..
  • VO_DS_SWAYZE_PREDWBACK_01 - Welcome aboard the Skyfire! You ready to chase down the end of the world?
  • VO_DS_SWAYZE_PREDWBACK_02 - Our engines are damaged! We're sitting ducks up here!
  • VO_DS_SWAYZE_PREDWBACK_03 - The engines are back online! Full speed ahead!

  • VO_ET_ECHOOFSYLVANAS_AGGRO_01 - Another band of Deathwing's converts? I'll be sure your death is especially painful!
  • VO_ET_ECHOOFSYLVANAS_DEATH_01 - This.. isn't.. how it's supposed.. to end.
  • VO_ET_ECHOOFSYLVANAS_RESET_01 - And so ends your story!

Tyrande Whisperwind
  • VO_ET_ECHOOFTYRANDE_AGGRO_01 - Let the peaceful light of Elune sooth your souls in this dark time.
  • VO_ET_ECHOOFTYRANDE_EVENT_01 - Moon goddess! Your light dims.. I am lost without your guidance!
  • VO_ET_ECHOOFTYRANDE_EVENT_02 - The darkness closes in! My vision is clouded!
  • VO_ET_ECHOOFTYRANDE_EVENT_03 - Mother moon! I can no longer see your light.. your daughter is alone in the darkness!
  • VO_ET_ECHOOFTYRANDE_FINALE_01 - I can see the light of the moon.. so clearly now. It is beautiful.
  • VO_ET_ECHOOFTYRANDE_INTRO_01 - There is nothing left for you here. Nothing but death and sorrow.
  • VO_ET_ECHOOFTYRANDE_INTRO_02 - The darkness surrounds you. The light of Elune is your only salvation!
  • VO_ET_ECHOOFTYRANDE_INTRO_03 - The moonlight can bring rest to your weary souls in this forgotten place!
  • VO_ET_ECHOOFTYRANDE_INTRO_04 - Give yourselves to the night. Elune will guide you from this mortal prison.
  • VO_ET_ECHOOFTYRANDE_INTRO_05 - You have chosen a path of darkness. Mother moon, guide my hand. Allow me to bring rest to these misbegotten souls.
  • VO_ET_ECHOOFTYRANDE_SLAY_01 - Elune guide you through the night.
  • VO_ET_ECHOOFTYRANDE_SPELL_01 - Eyes of night... pierce this darkness!
  • VO_ET_ECHOOFTYRANDE_SPELL_02 - Spear of Elune.. drive back the night!
  • VO_WOE_TYRANDE_CONCLUSION_02 - By the very edge..
  • VO_WOE_TYRANDE_CONCLUSION_03 - I do not know who you are.. but I thank you. Without your aid our world would be.. I do not wish to think about it. Moon goddess light your path.
  • VO_WOE_TYRANDE_MANNOROTH_01 - He knows what we attempt! We have not much time! The forest grows with his demons.
  • VO_WOE_TYRANDE_MANNOROTH_02 - Mother moon, guide us through this darkness.
  • VO_WOE_TYRANDE_MANNOROTH_03 - Illidan?! What is in that vial? What are you doing?
  • VO_WOE_TYRANDE_MANNOROTH_04 - I cannot strike them! What is this demon magic?!
  • VO_WOE_TYRANDE_MANNOROTH_05 - I will handle the demons! Elune.. guide my arrows!
  • VO_WOE_TYRANDE_MANNOROTH_06 - Light of Elune.. save me!
  • VO_WOE_TYRANDE_MANNOROTH_07 - I will hold them back for now!
  • VO_WOE_TYRANDE_MANNOROTH_08 - Illidan! I am out of arrows! Moon goddess, protect us from the darkness. That we may see your light again another night.
  • VO_WOE_TYRANDE_MANNOROTH_09 - Illidan! You mustn't!
  • VO_WOE_TYRANDE_MANNOROTH_10 - No! Illidan!
  • VO_WOE_TYRANDE_MANNOROTH_11 - Malfurion! He has done it! The portal is collapsing..
  • VO_WOE_TYRANDE_MANNOROTH_12 - There are too many of them!

  • VO_DS_TYRYGOSA_EVENT_01 - Ugh.. they have broken our defenses! The very earth turns against us in Deathwing's name!
  • VO_DS_TYRYGOSA_EVENT_02 - You must hurry! Wyrmrest falls as we speak. All is lost.
  • VO_DS_TYRYGOSA_EVENT_03 - Thank you sisters.. I am renewed!
  • VO_DS_TYRYGOSA_EVENT_04 - The old gods have shown themselves! A tide of darkness sweeps from their gaping maws towards the temple.
  • VO_DS_TYRYGOSA_EVENT_05 - The faceless generals Zon’ozz and Urz'agh command the enemy legions from within monstrosities you see on the horizon.
  • VO_DS_TYRYGOSA_EVENT_06 - You must strike them down if we are to survive long enough to end this. Take flight on the wings of my sisters, they well transport you as close as they dare.
  • VO_DS_TYRYGOSA_EVENT_07 - A single general remains! You must make haste.
  • VO_DS_TYRYGOSA_EVENT_08 - The flow of darkness abates.
  • VO_DS_TYRYGOSA_EVENT_09 - I will open a portal to the top of Wyrmrest temple. The aspects have already gathered, and await your arrival.

  • VO_DS_ULTRAXION_AGGRO_01 - Now.. is the hour of twilight!
  • VO_DS_ULTRAXION_BERSERK_01 - I will drag you with me.. into flame and darkness!
  • VO_DS_ULTRAXION_DEATH_01 - Mortal, mortal, I am Ultraxion! (?)
  • VO_DS_ULTRAXION_INTRO_01 - I am the beginning of the end! The shadow which blots out the sun! The bell which tolls your doom.
  • VO_DS_ULTRAXION_INTRO_02 - For this moment alone, was I made! Look upon your death, mortals... and despair!
  • VO_DS_ULTRAXION_SPELL_01 - The final shred light fades.. and with it your pitiful mortal existence!
  • VO_DS_ULTRAXION_SPELL_02 - Lord Deathwing.. Your gift... it is too much! I am .
  • VO_DS_ULTRAXION_SPELL_03 - Through the pain and fire.. my hatred burns!

Warmaster Blackhorn
  • VO_DS_BLACKHORN_AGGRO_01 - You won't get near the master! Dragonriders, ATTACK!
  • VO_DS_BLACKHORN_DEATH_01 - Well done.. *heh heh* But I wonder.. if you are good enough.. to best.. HIM.
  • VO_DS_BLACKHORN_EVENT_01 - Looks like I'm doing this myself. GOOD.
  • VO_DS_BLACKHORN_EVENT_02 - We are flying a little too close. It's been a good fight, but I'm ending it NOW.
  • VO_DS_BLACKHORN_INTRO_01 - Hah! I was hoping you would make it this far! You best be ready for a real fight!
  • VO_DS_BLACKHORN_SLAY_01 - Hahaha! Mess with the bull..
  • VO_DS_BLACKHORN_SLAY_03 - Down you go!
  • VO_DS_BLACKHORN_SLAY_04 - Get up! Oh... weakling.

  • VO_DS_YSERA_DWBATTLE_01 - We are one step closer, the unknowable.. transcendent power of the Emerald Dream, I now give onto the Dragon Soul!
  • VO_DS_YSERA_DWBATTLE_02 - I will bring you closer to the Emerald Dream, seek safety there when the fight becomes too intense.
  • VO_DS_YSERA_DWBATTLE_03 - Such rage.. I have never seen.
  • VO_DS_YSERA_EVENT_01 - Deathwing is conjuring the final cataclysm, even the Emerald Dream trembles. If we are to stop the spell, we must attack him.. together!
  • VO_DS_YSERA_IRIS_01 - Praise the Titans.. they have returned.
  • VO_DS_YSERA_MAELSTROMSLAY_01 - Another soul lost.. to the Destroyer.
  • VO_DS_YSERA_PREHAGARA_01 - I sense danger.. it is a trap carefully laid for us at this crucial moment.
  • VO_DS_YSERA_PREULTRAXION_01 - I sense a great disturbance in the balance approaching.. the chaos of it burns my mind!
  • VO_DS_YSERA_ULTRAXION_01 - In dreams we may overcome any obstacle!
  • VO_WOE_YSERA_EVENT_01 - It is too powerful!
  • VO_WOE_YSERA_EVENT_02 - He is lost to us, sister. He is Neltharion no longer.
  • VO_Ysera_Greeting01 - The Dreamer has awoken!
  • VO_Ysera_Greeting02 - Much remains to be done.
  • VO_Ysera_Greeting03 - The dream gives us shelter. The dream gives us hope.
  • VO_Ysera_Greeting04 - We all play a part in nature's plan.
  • VO_Ysera_Greeting05 - How would you like to sleep..? FOREVER.