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Saturday, July 9, 2011

World of Warcraft Cataclysm: Flawless by TauriMovies (Musical Machinima)

Hot Fixes For July 8th

  • Classes
    • Combat pets should no longer aggro creatures while the player is mounted.
  • Dungeons & Raids
    • Firelands
      • Baleroc
        • Death knight Bloodworms are no longer removing stacks of Torment when they explode to heal other players.
      • Ragnaros
        • Molten Elementals are no longer able to critically hit players.
        • The responsiveness of the Molten Power ability has been increased on Heroic difficulty.
      • Rhyolith
        • Multiple volcanoes casting Eruption will now create separate stacks. Crushing a volcano will cause its stacks of Eruption to fade shortly after.
        • Ranged pets can no longer damage Rhyolith’s legs without beginning the encounter.
      • The Ancient Lava Dweller can no longer be looted by engineers with the Loot-A-Rang.
      • Unbound Pyrelords are no longer casting Ignite Elemental on the same target. All Unbound Smoldering Elementals should now be changed to Unbound Blazing Elementals by the time the pyrelord dies.
      • The Unbreakable Shell buff present on Unbound Smoldering Elementals now reduces damage received by 50%, down from 90%.
      • Unbound Smoldering Elementals are now correctly resetting and are no longer retaining Blazing Flame when they leave combat.
  • Items
    • Riplimb’s Lost Collar seemed to truly be lost. This item now properly has a chance to drop from select creatures.
    • Several Ruthless Gladiator’s items have had their Stamina values increased to more appropriate levels.