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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Firelands Raid Boss Video - Shannox


WoW 4.2 - Thrall's Elemental Bonds Questline - Major Spoilers

If you listened to the Thrall sound effects video i had up or wow insider did you have already heard most of the voice acting, but Aggra's voice is in here, Mulfarian's is in here and Staghelm's voice.

PTR Testing Blood Legion Video's

Normally i wouldn't make a whole new post for this as you could just scroll to the bottom of the page to watch, but its a slow news day unless you count Blizzcon Tickets which i don't.  Also we killed Halfus Heroic and no one recorded not like it really matters its Halfus the easiest Heroic in the game. (I'm more happy that we 1 shot Nefarian)  I will be streaming tomorrow however.

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