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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Recording for Live Stream 05/07/11

Honestly tonight didn't go as planned but atleast it was a long stream with both pve and pvp, hope you enjoyed it anyway. :)

Part 1

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Part 2

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Thrall - Elemental Bonds Questline (Spoilers) Patch 4.2

The next questline on our list of previews is the "Elemental Bonds" questline, these quests are focused on Thrall and the transcript below is the first big event mentioned in Blizzard's official preview.

Once again there are huge spoilers in there and you probably don't want to read this if you like surprises.
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Aggra - Do you think it will work, Go’el – the druids and shaman uniting to restore the World Tree? Could it actually heal this broken world?

Thrall - The Aspects believe it will … and they should know, they grew it in the first place.

Ysera - Welcome, son of Durotan. And to you, Aggralan of the Frostwolves.

Aggra - Lady Ysera

Malfurion - "Greetings friends."
Malfurion - "I sense a vast power has grown within you, young Thrall. You've achieved much since last we met."

Thrall - Master Stormrage, it’s good to have you back in the waking world.

Ysera - Friends, we have gathered here today to heal this world that we've sacrificed so much to save.
Ysera - For the first time, the Earthen Ring and the Cenarion Circle will unite to restore this great tree thereby healing the whole of Azeroth.

Nozdormu - Time is precious, sister. Let us see to our ritual.

Stranger - I'm sorry. Are we interrupting?


Stranger - Not so fast, son of Durotan. You and your allies have certainly set us back. But, the hour of twilight can not be averted!
Stranger - The Twilight Prophet knows that you, and you alone, are our final obstacle. He sent me to remove you from the game.

Thrall - I do not fear death.

Stranger - Death? (Laughter) Who said anything about death?

Thrall - *Screams in pain*

Aggra - Go’el. No!

Stranger - You may be this world's greatest shaman, Thrall, but you are only mortal. This is my master's curse upon you. Turning your great bond with the elements into your undoing.
Stranger - Even now, the elements are tearing you apart. And they shall feed upon your doubts and fears, 'til the last spark of life on this wretched world has been snuffed out.

Malfurion - "You'll regret this stranger!"

Stranger - (Laughter) Will I?
Stranger - Come, Shan'do. Certainly you recognize your former pupil.

Malfurion - "Fandral! What have they done to you!?"

Fandral - Naive, as always, I see. Your pet orc cannot save you now, Malfurion.
Fandral - And the flame of our vengeance draws near. Be ready!

Malfurion - "Fandral is corrupting fellow druids into something sinister. He may have other followers already. I must warn moonglade."

Aggra - But what of Go’el?

Ysera - He was the Earthen Ring's most powerful shaman, and the ceremony cannot continue without him. But, we must prepared to accept that he may be lost forever.

Aggra - No! Those mongrels have stolen my Go’el, but I will not forsake him... Ancestors forgive me.
Aggra - Steady yourself, friend. If we want Go’el back we must be prepared to fight for him.