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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Throne Of The Four Winds (Edit: Our first try's)

Just a few first try's, despite the wipes there was a few times we got close to the 3rd phase.
Its honestly not a hard fight well besides phase 1's coordination and wind blasts into tornado's are fun you'll see that in the video -_-

Watch live video from Gamer Geek TV on

Part 2 - More try's at Al'Akir Part one is half Conclave footage though we one shot it.  Not our first conclave attempt of course we've beaten that many times before.

The good thing with working on this fight is our progression group can save throne of the four winds lockout and no one cares cause most of the loot there is crap :D. - Short and Sweet text version. Written for 25m - Tankspot Video

Guild Challenges on PTR 4.1

Guild challenges are now available on test realms, so far it only looks like weekly quests pushing your guild experience cap further. However it looks like the game also supports gold rewards for challenges, maybe after you reach the cap. we will probably know more about it when Blizzard posts the official preview.