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Friday, March 11, 2011

New Live Stream On The Way

Watch live video from Gamer Geek TV on

 My first try with the new computer^^ i get better quality now that i switched to flash media encoder, i havent recorded much with that yet just test stuff.

Gonna start streaming our raids (among other stuff) live, they will also be recorded. No real reason, just that i can now that i have a capable PC. :D is the channel for the stream if you care, i got a video of our 5 man deadmines run today to test it out, caught Kierraa standing in fire at the end :lol:

Still messing a bit with Flash media encoder to try and get better quality though its nice for my first try with a good computer.

(Link to the test video)

Edit1: streaming in 720p 60 fps widescreen now, doesn't impact the game at all.

If you wanna watch i'll normally post the player on the front page for raids, sometimes its me playing other stuff or just randomly streaming for that scroll down to the bottom of this page to see the player or go to the channel link listed above.