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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So i had a fun day......Not really :(

 I was watching that starcraft 2 tournament when all the sudden my computer crashes an it wont even turn on.
Ended up buying a new computer spent 900 bucks on it, good news is its awesome and i will be streaming games and stuff again.
So Good news for you guys bad news for me cause now im broke QQ.

HomerJ TTeSports Cup Round 1. (Starcraft 2)

This is live, TotalBiscut From "Blue Pls" is The Caster. Enjoy

Watch live video from SHOUTcraft on Justin.tv

We are looking for more stuff like this to bring to you, whether its warcraft related or not hope you enjoy it. If you for some reason cant watch it now they will be up on his YouTube page later in the week