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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Possible In Game Hotfix/patch note list Notice Coming In The Future

 I'd like to vent a little of the frustration of things being done this way.

Not everyone "studies" WoW, and they come to guild leadership to explain why things are changing. When tooltips say one thing, but the spell does another, they are baffled if they don't do offline reading. This leads to certain people -- usually ones with low playtime, but plenty of time to read the websites and learn current events -- being inundated with questions and expected to explain what all happened.

Please, at the very least put a notice on the login screen as you do with maintenance notices to at least let people know that another round of hotfixes are happening and to check the community site. Doesn't have to be super detailed, just that more hotfixes went live. There needs to be some in-gem notification system, even if extremely basic.

Blue Poster: Agree. That was something we specifically discussed and probably should have included in my post. Expecting people to alt-tab to read a potentially updated blog isn't right. We don't have any great solutions for that yet, but it of course makes hotfixes infinitely more confusing and even potentially damaging to the play experience without some kind of in game communication. We haven't figured out what that might be yet. It's something we're concerned with too. Although we expect hotfixes to slow down substantially at this point, we need a solution for the future.

February 19 - Hotfix notes? Nah Just A Clarification

Although not big for most of us i think hunters would like to know this:
  • Classes
    • Hunters
      • The changes to Aimed Shot and Aspect of the Hawk announced yesterday have not yet been applied to live realms and should not go into effect until after the holiday weekend.