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Friday, January 14, 2011

Cool Website: Stateofdps.com

This website is for people who like spreadsheets and charts or if you just wanna see where your class ranks among other classes in average damage and dispite the name of the site you can look up tanks and healers as well.

 Im sad cause my healer a Resto Druid isn't at the top of any lists guess who is?  Thats right Holy Pallys and Holy Priests, if you were wondering why Resto Druids are getting big buffs to both rejuv and WG that is why.
It gets even worse for us when you look at 25 mans, i wont QQ to much because atleast were not as bad as Disc Priests.
Anyway if you wanna check it out head over to StateofDPS.com

This site lists the DPS/Tank DPS/HPS for each class as compiled from the top parses from World of Logs.