Sunday, December 25, 2011

Why SOPA And Other Related Internet Piracy Bills Are Bad For The Internet As We Know It. In The U.S. And Abroad.

This law passes, say goodbye to the internet as we know it and hello to less security. Not to mention the possible death of many sites especially (but not limited to) those that allow you to post, upload, stream or comment.
It will destroy jobs and is directly against freedom of speech and current laws protecting innovation.
If you take a look at the Company's for SOPA, it's mostly Company's related to TV and Hollywood trying to make a quick buck at your expense.

If you think this is just a U.S. problem think again, many sites based in the in the U.S. but do business abroad will be shut down.
An do you think hosting sites will (or can) pay thousands if not millions of dollars for liability costs in court well it won't happen they'll go out of business. No Internet hosting company's, no internet.

List of Those Expressing Concern With SOPA and PIPA

The 439 organizations SOPA opponents should worry about
(i.e. Company's you should avoid doing business with)


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