Friday, December 23, 2011

A Few Updates 12/23/11

1. We will have Deathwing dead soon (9% last night :D), i need some audio suggestions for the video if you have any good dubstep or techno/dance stuff leave a comment something along the lines of the spine and ultraxion video's.
Once he's dead we'll have that video along with a end of tier 13 feature.
Once were in Hard modes i'll be doing unedited video's so you can get more strategy from them.

2. Finally taking out that Torchlight playlist at the bottom of this page for a new F2P Feature im starting, starting with Everquest 2 F2P (Don't play it heh)

3. If the website hasn't been updated in awhile check out are YouTube, chances are we have just been spending more time there.
I will be doing more video's over the next few months for sure, also i still have like 10 hours of footage waiting for me to edit from skyrim, wow, and star wars alone.
Will also have new overlays (One which will be in that first F2P video)
Trying to get back to the one (Or more) video's a day thing, though i have been sick so it's been a little slow here stay tuned.

Have a great Holiday everyone!


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