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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Horde House Podcast Episode Forty-Six

Episode 46 of the show is now here! Download the show and hear a familiar guest with a "new" (okay not really new) name talk about how he just got the legendary weapon! Woo hoo! Also, we talk about that new commercial and who WE would rather see selling Warcraft. Also, you'll never guess what completely brings the show to a halt halfway thru the show. No, really, you'll never guess. Okay, here's a hint-- it's flaming!

Anyway, just download the show and ENJOY! Have a great holiday those in the states! Those overseas... well... try not to point and laugh at all the footage of us crazy americans getting trampled at a department store.
It’s the day before Thanksgiving and those CRAZY sales here in the USA, but things in the World of Warcraft are a bit… quiet while we wait for the next patch. Oh besides those 7th anniversary events. And all the new Pandaria information this week which includes an official new talent calculator!


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