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Sunday, September 25, 2011

A quick website update, New youtube video bar plus playlists

We finally updated the video bar, im not completely sure about it sometimes its works great other times it stays on the same video's forever we'll have to wait and see if its a feature to keep or toss.

Especially considering this next feature, the bottom part of the blog felt a bit empty after recently adding on a new page for the live video streams.
So we added video playlists to that space, video playlists are everything i upload/add to the playlists on the official youtube page. There's a button to move through the playlist on the bottom of each player, the 4 playlists range from simply Warcraft content to Random game footage to The Bahska Plays series.
In addition the Torchlight one will be switched out occasionally for even more variety.

The reason for adding these playlists is this is a warcraft blog but there are many other games we cover on Youtube, some of this stuff you would never see or would take a few days to get to the site.
Now you get all that content as soon as its gets uploaded.

Hope you like the new addition to are ever evolving goal to bring you the latest in high quality gaming news and footage as fast as possible.


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