Wednesday, September 28, 2011

End Time - Patch 4.3 PTR 4/5 Bosses

1st boss Sylvanas 2nd boss Baine 3rd boss Murozond the the evil version of Nozdormu 4th boss Tyrande

Jaina wouldn't spawn no matter what, she is on the PTR version but after 5 attempts she still didn't spawn.

I will attempt again later, if she spawns i will make a video of it as a part 2 of sorts.

The gear isn't in yet either, bosses were dropping 378 gear

All the bosses need buffs, we had less hardcore people in the group and even they said it needed a buff. On the other hand the dragon trash that you see us wipe to is super op.
The tank had heroic firelands gear with 298k hp buffed and got 3 shot.


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