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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Brewfest 2011 Purple Stien Blue Post

 Update 9/22.11 FIXED
This is the blue post stating that the quest is broken and will be Hot fixed soon, if you have done the quest in prior years it doesn't show up anymore after the quest Now This Is Ram Racing... Almost

The quest text is particularly amusing this year regarding the repeat of green for 2010. Apparently, the suppliers were twilight cultists and hadn't bothered to update their supply because they were a year too early for their intended end of the world. After all, why change the color if they weren't going to be around anyway? Ha!

We are aware of this and are in the process of applying a fix. Thanks for your reports.
Also if you can catch it before they Hotfix it your able to run the brewfest boss over and over again, you get 15 - 22 gold every time, it's like a 1-2 minute repeatable daily.

Update:  Nerfed only gives 1 gold 30 silver now :(


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