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Friday, August 5, 2011

World of Warcraft Documentary - The Raid - Whole Live Stream Event On Repeat For The Next 72 Hours

 Elysium Progress: AlysRazor died last night, no kill video however.  It happened on one of are last attempt's of the night, don't think anyone thought it was gonna happen.  It was a rough kill anyway.
The Raid got quite a lot of attention a few months back when they started funding their project on Kickstarter. After filming over 18 TB of video, months of intensive work, and not a lot of sleep
Watch live video from gamebreakertv on

Alrighty folks! has the entire live stream event from last night up on their site! I will now be pulling down the temporary video and directing people their way. We'll keep the film running for the next 72 hours (and the give-away) so please let your friends know and enjoy!
The Raid live stream is now up on demand at GBTV! Come watch for the next 72 hours!


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