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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Baleroc 10 man Normal: How To Heal Resto Druid Guide

(Hornsby) Holy Pally POV

Im gonna start this off as if your healing the crystal guy first, if your not just heal the tank as normal. Im also gonna assume you have some spec with atleast 2/3 Natures's Bounty.

For your first crystal, start off by popping tree form an spam regrowth. You Should get somewhere between 15 - 25 stacks in the first crystal. Use mana CD's as needed, Innervate or a trinket.

As you switch to the tank re apply Lifebloom and spam Healing Touch or Nourish as needed throwing some regrowths out as Clearcasting procs

The second time you heal a crystal person, before you switch toss up 3 Rejuvenation's on your party, spam Nourish and Regrowth (as clearcasting procs) on the Crystal Person.
Rinse and repeat this step till the end of the fight.

To heal through Decimating Strike, simply keep swiftmend and Nature's Swiftness+Healing Touch and Blow both on the tank back to back fallowed by Healing touch spam till the tank is full

Keep Blowing Mana CD's as needed, if done right you shouldn't need to blow to many during this fight (I used one innervate using this strat. No Trinket CD's)
You should end the fight somewhere near 140 stacks of the buff, more than enough for the normal version of this fight.

Have fun this is one of the best healer fight's i have seen so far in Firelands.

Alysrazor Guide


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