Friday, July 1, 2011

Show The Harmony Buff With Power Aura's

I got a few requests to show how i keep track of Harmony a 10 second buff resto druids get from there mastery every time they cast a Healing touch, Swiftmend, Regrowth or nourish.   New for 4.2.

I needed something better to show when Harmony (The new resto druid mastery) is up for the periodic healing buff. You want that buff up 90+% of the time so a little buff icon just doesn't cut it when there's a ton of other stuff going on.

I also figured i would make one for Wild Growth as you use that on CD every time its up, i usually have the timing down for that but sometimes i catch myself looking down at the timers.

(Made with Power Aura's)


u got an export code for that one?

I actually changed it (Was taking up aton of my screen) It now has red bear claws for the harmony buff and two leaves for wild growth - Version:4.22; b:0.0275; anim1:4; icon:Ability_Druid_Flourish; buffname:Wild Growth; r:0.0275; x:-125; bufftype:15; texture:122; alpha:1; inVehicle:0; size:1.18; y:-308; texmode:1; ismounted:0; finish:0 <------Wild Growth aura

Version:4.22; b:0.0431; anim1:8; g:0.0314; icon:Spell_Nature_HealingWay; buffname:Harmony; x:3; texture:7; alpha:0.82; speed:0.85; size:4.81; torsion:1.5; y:140; texmode:1; finish:0<------Harmony

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