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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Elysium Downs Baleroc 10

This fight is mostly healer coordination that can be a bit crazy at times. We did it with 4 healers 1 tank and 5 dps. We had 2 healers gaining stacks and 2 healers on the tank then switching every time one person switched off the crystal. This was our first night trying him.   
If your a Resto Druid an your wondering why your numbers are lower compared to other healers, Don't worry to much this fight isn't really made for us.  I was at 12k hps while the pally was at 18k

Side Note: Lord Ryolith was heavily nerfed, if you were stuck on him you will probably down him this week. We one shot him tonight, an keep in mind we have only killed him once before.


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