Monday, June 6, 2011

More E3 to come!

Seeing as how are live stream is down an thats how i was gonna get news out, were gonna go through the trailers/walk through's and pick a few we like the best starting with Forza 4 we'll have more later including interviews and live shows with BF3 and Orange Lounge Radio later this week.

I know we are a warcraft only site most of the time but im a gamer at heart and E3 is a big time of the year for every one in the gaming industry.
Even if say you don't like anything we show for the next 3 days, don't worry we'll be back to our regular scheduled program after E3. 

If something big happens in Warcraft while all this gaming madness is happening, i promise to keep it on the front page so you wont miss a thing.

We hope you enjoy the content we have to bring you, this is a exciting week for every gamer.

Note: When Sony goes live we will inform you with a small post and a link to a stream, sorry again for our network troubles


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