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Friday, June 3, 2011

Gnosis: A Cast Bar And Timer UI Mod

Made using Gnosis a cast bar and timer UI mod, its a pain to use, isn't the lightest mod out there, but makes awesome custom cast bar and timer's with a insane amount of options to make anything you would ever want.

The timers don't work like Quartz, its not a drop down menu of timers that unfolds based on abilities you use.
Each timer is its own box, meaning if the Wildgrowth one in the middle wasn't being used that spot would just be empty.

It was like 3am when i got this far, don't just delete your current cast bars to try this mod, try it on a alt first its a frustrating addon to use till you learn how it works.
Once you do figure it out you'll be at awe at the insane amount of options this addon has. 

Something you don't see is a Target's Target health bar to the right of the target picture frame.
An a Target's Focus cast bar on the Left side above the Player cast bar.

The Cool down Bars will be vertical not sure what colors i want yet, that's why i haven't built them as of this picture.

Yes you could just use Quartz but i wanted something slimmer and with more options, this lets you have an unlimited amount of cast bar/timers for pretty much anything.

Curse download:

Helpful Guide:


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