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Monday, June 6, 2011

Livestream reminder Update

We will be having more E3 stuff than i thought its Looking like Live shows this Tuesday 7PM pst and Thursday 7PM pst on top of the livestream's tomorrow and Nintendo on Tuesday. Brought to you by Orange Lounge Radio and The Bobby Blackwolf Show.
We will have Battlefield 3 stuff not sure of times stay tuned. This week is a bit insane if you haven't been around for past years.
 More on the live streams here on this weeks episode of Orange Lounge Radio

Hope you guys enjoy are coverage :)

Monday,June 6th: 

9:30AM PDT
12:30PM PDT
Gamechangers: EA 2011 Preview
2:30PM PDT
Ubisoft Press Conference
5:00PM PDT
Sony Press Conference Sony conference may not be streamed here don't worry though i will link a stream for you,  i have raid tomorrow night :P Which will be streamed though you'll all be watching the sony presser which i totally understand

Tuesday, June 7th:

9:00AM PDT
Nintendo Press Conference

Other Times TBD: Live Interviews and Game demo's

We may be using game trailers streams for some of them, though were still working out those plans. I may do that and make the stream password protected for you guys only.

Note:I may do article's i know i said i may not but well things have changed, you''ll see what im talking about. :)
I will record them so if you cant make those times they will be posted at a later date, Including the live shows on Tuesday and Thursday listed above.
Live streams will be posted to the front page when they start.

Hope you enjoy are coverage of E3 2011 brought to you by GamerTagRadio, and GTTV
Now i should probably go to bed cause i have to be up in 6 hours.
Cut my prediction cause well i can't say but you will see later today.


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