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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

E3 2011 Nintendo Press Conference

Watch them back pedal away from the HD doesn't matter philosophy and see whats new for the 3DS when Nintendo goes live in 40 minutes, watch it live HERE 
Don't forget to stay tuned cause at 1:15pm pst we will have a live play through of BF3 with EA

Geoff is asking Reggie about console itself. Reggie: "'s a box." Runs optical discs. Not BluRay.

Nintendo's New Console/Controller

Nintendo has never been a stranger to innovation and they've never shied away from revolutionizing the gaming world, by any stretch. The Nintendo DS changed the way we looked at mobile gaming, introducing two displays and changing the way we played games. The Nintendo Wii once again changed the way we play, pioneering the concept of motion-based home console gaming; a trend that was so powerful it left other home consoles no choice but to integrate. The Nintendo 3DS introduced the gaming world to glasses-free 3D gaming; further plunging yourself into the world of whichever game you were playing at the time.
This year, at E3 2011 in Los Angeles, California, Nintendo has done it again - introducing the Wii U, scheduled for release in the later half of 2012.

At the heart of the Wii U, is the brand new and revolutionary controller, which you can see below. The controller features a touch screen display that can be used for a host of purposes in-game as well as a ton of features outside of the Wii U, including stand-alone controller-based games. An example was a game of Reversi being played without the TV, but simply by placing the controller on the table between you and your opponent.

The Wii U controller will act as a motion peripher similar to the Wii Remote, as well; one such example was a baseball game where the player held the Wii U Controller in front of them, directly in front of the TV and aimed the ball into the pitcher's mitt by looking at the controller's display. Meanwhile, on the TV, your opponent only sees a view from behind the batter, allowing him no insight as to where you placed your pitch.

Update: The Guardian also got to play with the Wii U, and says the console will be HD via HDMI, and have internal Flash memory, along with SD and USB solutions for adding more. The system will be backwards-compatible with the Wii (which we heard at the press event), and play both discs and downloadable software.


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