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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Why are our toons weaker now then they were at 80?

"With most rpg's (And prior expansions) we outgear the old content, but somehow we ended up in Soviet Russia where the content outgears you."
Read that on the blizzard forums about how we are weaker then we were at 80 and thats why the content is harder.
Try going back and doing icc we cant because its actually harder then it was prior to leveling up from 80-85 because they made us weaker overall"
Had to post that cause its true sad but true and its the reason why im switching from healer to dps cause healers got hit harder by this stat decay system then dps or tanks, now before i get comments saying "your doing it wrong" "L2Play" etc. i did learn to play my druid the new way i dont waste mana thats not the point of this post the point is why are we weaker then we were at 80?   I Feel like i could go get my level 80 toon and beat this content easier than we are now at 85.
 Also if your level 80-84 wait till your capped you'll se what im talking about
I Guess my questions are

Why are we weaker than we were at 80?

i feel like i could do this content better as a level 80 and that just makes me sad.

i havent tried to go back and do bc stuff yet but try to do Wotlk content and you'll see what im talking about.

When in the history of rpg's did you ever level up and become weaker?

Also why are druids pallys now?

Leave a intelligent comment and tell me i really would like to know

Arena Season 9 starts this week!

The next Arena Season starts tomorrow on live servers, now that some of you are level 85 it might be to explore the PvP side of Cataclysm! (PvP Forums)