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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Shattering: Patch 4.0.3a Is Live On The PTR

 This Post will be updated, come back often

PTR 4.0.3a - Build 13316
The shattering happened on PTR 4.0.3, the login screen is the one shipped with Cataclysm and the world is changed forever!

This build is already tagged as (Release), if there isn't any major bug you can totally expect patch 4.0.3a on live servers next week.

 2.45am - 3.4GB Patch downloading to make sure its really the shattering patch, this is gonna take awhile.

3:00am - Its actually a pretty fast Download atm, it is 3am right now that could be why, still taking forever cause i wanna see new stuffs >_< oh well yes i could play already but the last time i didn't let the PTR download all the way it was very glitchy meaning i couldn't finish the patching or log into some toons things like that.

3:07am -  Im kinda afraid people already knew this was out while i was sleeping but i dont see it on mmo-champ or wow insider, could be waisting my time if its not the patch i may freak out and smash something

3:14am -  Deathwing looks gorgeous! Log in screen is pretty damn cool. New loading screens are in

3:17 - Yep this is the patch, if youve never downloaded a ptr before got to your account in the extra services tab clck on ptr and there you go (if you already have a ptr downloaded just open and run it it will auto patch) - im gonna mess around on this for a bit then go back to bed.
Have fun guys, i wont post pictures for spoiler reasons

Deathwing is in this patch i was flying through stonetalon mountains everything turned red and death happened ;_;

If you havent done Tripping the rifts yet in 4.0.3a the rifts spawn more often and there everywhere now also the city attacks still happen

oh you can get Exploring achievements for just taking flight paths now, weird.

Tips: Flight points are your friend if you wanna go out and see the world, you don't get Azeroth Flying till the expansion releases so keep that in mind

Set your hearth stone to Org before you leave there are no portals in Dalaran anymore they have all been removed