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Monday, November 8, 2010

The Elemental Invasion

After the appearance of Twilight's Hammer agents in Orgrimmar and Stormwind City, Azeroth's defenders swiftly thwarted the cult's bid to destroy the two capitals. Yet these victories have done little to soothe fears over Azeroth's calamitous state. Earthquakes continue shaking the world with greater frequency than ever before. Wayward fire spirits have engulfed Orgrimmar, threatening to reduce the proud Horde capital to ash. Across the Great Sea, a sudden influx of earth spirits has rocked the foundations of Ironforge, pushing the once-indomitable dwarven bastion to the brink of collapse.

Even so, a glimmer of hope has come in the form of ancient tablets recovered in Northrend. These mysterious artifacts are believed to hold clues concerning Azeroth's tormented elementals -- a claim that can only be validated once the artifacts are delivered safely from the northern continent. The gifted shaman Thrall has also begun his own efforts to shed light on the disasters befalling the world. Of great concern, however, is whether anything will be left of Orgrimmar and Ironforge by the time answers are found....

The events leading up to Cataclysm are underway, and the disturbances will only become more severe as the weeks pass. Pay close attention to your faction leaders, Thrall and Varian, and be on the lookout for unfamiliar faces gathering on the city streets. This one-time-only series of events features all-new quests and multiple stages of dire happenings, so stay vigilant!

Elemental Invasion - Part 2 on live servers!

The 2nd part of the Elemental Invasion just went live! I'm still investigating but it looks like we only have 2 extra quests for the moment, don't hesitate to post in comments if you find anything else!

Subduing the Elements

Tablets of Earth/Fire
  • Go to the quest location on your map (Stormwind Harbor for Alliance, Zeppelin Tower for Horde), you will see the Courier and a Mysterious Crystal.
  • You have to click the Mysterious Crystal to defend the courier against the Twilight Seeker. 3 New abilities will appear in your action bar, use them to defeat the elementals spawning from the portals.
  • When the Twilight Seeker flies away, just loot the tablets on the ground and bring them back.

Icon Name Description
Shockwave Destroys Earthen Servants. 20 yd range. Instant.
Flame Jet Destroys Watery Servants. 20 yd range. Instant.
Tidal Wave Destroys Blazing Servants. 20 yd range. Instant.

Part 2 - Alliance Quests

Name Objective
Tablets of the EarthBring the Tablets of Earth to Advisor
Belgrum in Ironforge.
What's Shaking in IronforgeSpeak with Stormcaller Mylra in Ironforge.
Subduing the ElementsGavan Grayfeather wants you to use the
elemental sapta and cleansing totem
from the Earthen Ring
supplies to subdue 20 Agitated Earth Spirits.

Part 2 - Horde Quests

Name Objective
Tablets of FireBring the Tablets of Fire to Earthmender
Norsala in Orgrimmar.
Subduing the ElementsSeer Bahura wants you to use the
elemental sapta and cleansing totem from
the EarthenRing
supplies to subdue 20 Agitated Fire Spirits.