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Monday, November 1, 2010

Elementals are attacking Azeroth

The Cataclysm world event is beginning. Watch for up to the minute coverage here as we cover the events.

1:30pm EDT
- We're getting several reports in that elementals and cultists are attacking Azeroth.
1:37pm EDT - It looks like there are rifts that open in various zones in Azeroth, and elementals spawn. You kill the elementals, and get some special stuff. More coming in shortly.(Special Stuff = Buffs there all different depending on the type of elemental you kill)
1:40pm EDT - There are quest people you can talk to in Orgrimmar and Stormwind, outside of the banks.
1:49pm EDT - You can access a Mysterious Device after you kill a spawn of elementals in any zone.
1:59pm EDT - There's an uptick in the number of earth quakes.
2:07pm EDT - We're getting reports that this event is now active in the EU as well and the US/NA servers.
 3:41pm EDT - No elemental city invasions just yet (Means No Bosses yet either)
 5:10pm EDT - 

Tripping the Rifts achievement
  • Rifts appears everywhere, including Northrend and Outland.
  • You have to kill rifts of your own levels to get the achievements, if you're level 80 look for them in Northrend. (This is a lie, you can kill rifts in any zone no matter what level both you and the rifts are and it will still count) I got a fire in The Barrens, A water in 1k Needles, A earth in Nagrand and a wind in Sholazar Basin an still got the feat of strength.
  • Rifts spawn at the beginning of each hour (01:00AM, 02:00AM, etc) pretty much everywhere in the zone. If you arrive in a zone and can't find rifts, you're most likely too late and it's better to just go AFK while you wait for the next full hour.
  • Rifts are destroyed by killing elementals, each elemental death lowers the health of the rift.
  • The Mysterious Object looted from rifts gives a daily quest with gold/XP reward. (Only rifts of your level can be looted)

Rifts zones by Type (Source)

1. Westfall
2. The Barrens (Between Razorfen Downs and Razorfen Kraul)
3. Dustwallow Marsh (Inside Theramore near Armory; North of Witch Hill)
4. The Hinterlands
5. Searing Gorge
6. Blasted Lands
7. Winterspring
8. Hellfire Peninsula
9. Zul'Drak (South of Zeramas; East of the Reliquary of Pain; In the middle of Zeb'Hakkar)
1. Silverpine Forest (East of Shadowfang Keep; South of the fork in the road east of Sepulcher; West of Dead Field towards the shore)
2. Ghostlands
3. Wetlands (On the shore near the Bluegill Murlocs and the two ruined ships; Between the Greenwarden and Dark Iron Dwarf Camps)
4. Thousand Needles (Darkcloud Pinnacle)
5. Stranglethorn Vale
6. Swamp of Sorrows (Stonard)
7. Un'goro Crater
8. Zangarmarsh
9. Shadowmoon Valley
10. Dragonblight (Agmar's Hammer; Wintergarde Keep)
11. Icecrown

1. Darkshore
2. Hillsbrad Foothills (Southshore; Tarren Mill)
3. Duskwood
4. Arathi Highlands (South of Circle of West Binding; Hammerfall)
5. Eastern Plaguelands
6. Terokkar Forest
7. Netherstorm
8. Borean Tundra (Magmoth)
9. Sholazar Basin

1. Loch Modan
2. Redridge Mountains
3. Desolace
4. Western Plaguelands
5. Burning Steppes
6. Silithus
7. Nagrand (Laughing Skull Ruins)
8. Blade's Edge Mountains
9. Howling Fjord (Wyrmskull Village near the hut Alliance players witness the visions of the past)
10. Grizzly Hills
11. Storm Peaks (Gnoll Camps west of K3; Maker's Library)

7:42 - Video of the events in Orgrammar  from

Watch live video from WoW Insider on

That's all we have right now, however please be aware that we'll update this post with any additional clarifying information we get in.

Lots More Screenshots Below More Coming Soon