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Friday, October 29, 2010

New Header, Among Many Other Changes Coming Soon!

Improved Header We Wanted A New One!: As im sure you have noticed we have a improved header many people sent feedback most of it was please make a new header, the old one looks like crap etc.
An to be honest we thought so to (Still do) this improved version is only temporary, were hoping to have a new one up sometime next month were working on it.
 Its more a matter of which idea we like the most and then finishing that one up. Just remember this current header is a work in progress and may be changed we realize its a bit blurry that may or may not be changed its a time thing more than anything.
 Would you rather have a brand new header or a better old one?

Book Of The Month?: Its a new part of the site and will be a part of the new header the dates represent the start of the month and the end of the month at the end of each month we will have a review then a few days later it will be switched with the next months book.
Wont always be warcraft related we picked that one this month for obvious reasons, we will take suggestions on books your reading/read in the comments of this post or that months review give a amazon link so we can check it out.

More podcasts:  A big thing is podcasts we want to have them lining both sides of the posts all the way to the bottom of the page (We can add more space if needed) we realize the black on the sides of the site are very unappealing and ugly to look at we wanna fill that space with content.
Again its just a matter of time we just added 2 more yesterday and we have many more lined up, we may put other things in between the podcasts but this is the plan for now.

A Changes Page (aka somewhere to put these types of posts so there not on the front page): This will look much like the main page, header and all, though there has been thought of leaving the header off as its normally a main page thing this is a work in progress.
I wouldn't expect this page till next year sometime with a big xpac this year and more important plans its on the back burner for now but i wanted to tell you anyway.

Thats it for now, we have plans for Cataclysm launch and the stuff leading up to it but nothing to announce right now.
Everyday you'll come here and something will be new or changed till we gets things straight, should be worked out in a few weeks.
Stay tuned.

Patch 4.0.3 now available on Test Realms

Patch 4.0.3 is now available on test realms, no spells or achievements change since the latest beta build but you will most likely have a chance to test a few more things from the Cataclysm prologue event.