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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fan Arts

The Blizzard Fan Art Section has been updated with 5 new piece of fan artwork.

Reforging - Video and Screenshots

For some reasons I still get a lot of questions about reforging, this new feature is fairly simple: You talk to a NPC in capital cities to swap 40% of any of the secondary stats of an item (ratings / Spirit) for another secondary stat. TotalBiscuit released a video of Reforging in the current beta build, if you want to take a look at it.

Pop Up Image Pop Up Image Pop Up Image
  Pop Up Image

Mages - Teleport/Portal Interface

Mages are getting an interface upgrade similar to Shaman's totems for their portals, you can now add a generic "Portal" and "Teleport" spell to your bar and pick a portal after clicking it.

Power Auras / Spell Procs in Cataclysm

The latest build introduced a VERY interesting feature to the game: a built-in PowerAuras. If you are unfamiliar with the mod, it is mostly used to watch and warn players when a spell proc is available and the game clearly reached the point where it's fairly hard (or just annoying) to play at high level without a mod like this.

Blizzard eventually agreed that watching your buff bar isn't really fun and a new icone appears on your character when situational spells such as Art of War are available, see the screenshot below.


My guild (Elysium Ravencrest US) recently ran one spanning two days we pugged in half the raiders, got to kill everything up to Sindragosa.
GDKP can be a fun thing to do to kill guild burnout, make gold or if you have gold buy gear.  In these types of raid  the guild leader will have a addon (pictured above) you type in the amount for each specific item and how long you want the auction to go on for i.e. 10 seconds etc  everything gets auctioned including primordials.
Pricing is the key Ravencrest Horde side is smallish so we had marks start at 400 gear at 600 and primordials at 200 this can be changed depending on your server size and AH value of the items.
Don't be surprised if some items don't sell we had a few pieces that were equivalent to the teir set pieces nobody wanted, though big items like Heroic Althurs Abacus went for 12k gold drops from heroic lootship, though the normal version is just is nice and should net a pretty penny.

Heres a link to a guide with macros and the addon needed

The most important part is at the end of the raid normally the guild will take a percentage of the gold off the top, then the rest of the gold gets distributed equally to all the raid members.  So now the next time you do a GDKP run those players will have gold to buy stuff.

Our total for 2 days was 36k gold leaving each player with 1.4 k gold a piece, if your guild needs a week off from normal raiding or your a pug who needs gear but has lots a gold i would highly recommend putting or getting one of these together, have fun.